Friday, December 31, 2010

The Chickory NYE Challenge

It started with an issue of my Mothers favorite publication and a poor graphic print out

grid boards make the measuring and cutting part really efficient

A little marker work to fill in the blanks from the poor print job

Well, the magazine covers idea does work but a better quality paper would be an improvement.

Wow! I need to level my file cabinets.

Happy New Year to Each and Every One

                                                   May there never be a chocolate shortage!


chickory said...

its lovely! and what a fine tribute to your mom! everybodys mom loves birds, dont they? where are you going to night? blowfish is treating you to a big evening! enjoy fishy. you can always join the west coast when you get home.

another $10 in Heathers kitty!

Pam said...

Beeeeautiful garland! I haven't tried mine yet ... happy new year to you Mrs. Fishy! P.S. I keep meaning to ask you where Mermaid works; I know of a lady who has horses in maybe a similar area ... now ... wouldn't that be a small world indeed ... if ... you know ...

Aunty Belle said...

No WAY Dang it I still ain't unstuck mahself from all the glue....GRRRFRrrrr! Happy New Year to you and Blowfish!

Jenny said...

Look what you made! I love it and I love that you honored your Mama. I made my garland today and it was fun but it also made me appreciate Chickory. Isn't it wonderful that she's ignited so many bloggers to make one?

Happy Happy New Year to you, Blowfish and your Mermaid.

I think 2011 is going to be?


fishy said...

You got have a timeline and a plan!
I gave myself exactly 60 minutes, which meant I did the thinking and organizing afore I started the constructing. Iffen you stretch these sort of projects out, they can get away from ya real quick like.

On t'other hand, I can't craft decent black eyed peas. Go figure.

Thanks. I'll stop in to see yours.
send an e-mail bout your equine friendlies. Are you having a teddibly Britis go at your place?

You know a magazine cover with a bit thicker paper would be good.
I liked the reflective properties of the glossy paper.

We all fizzled! Blowfish wasn't enthusiastic, I was headachey and
when we talked to Mermaid she had canceled plans and gone home to her book.

I am so praying everyone has things better in twenty eleven.

Sharon Rudd said...

Fishy, your garland is gorgeous! I love the reflective properties of those magazine covers (and a great way to recycle). Although there aren't so many glossy-covered magazines out there as when I worked in that biz back in the (ahem) day.

My evening plans were cut short too, but I'm kinda glad to be bloggin' in my jammies.

Best wishes to you for 2011, Fishy, and please stop over to my place for brunch tomorrow.


moi said...

Just gorgeous, Fishy. Happy, happy New Year to you and yours!

fishy said...

So you found your limerick hiding over at Auntys! What a fun event you've all hosted.

Happy 2011.
I am looking forward to brunch at your place. It is SAD the decline in print media publications. Blowfish is a retired publications designer and he grieves over the losses. There are a few still out there with heavy enough cover stock to make a decent, and themed, garland.

You are looking smashing tonight!
I started a limericks starring you, chickory and Troll but had a bit of difficulty with the syllables. Must be the hour, or the bubbly. Hope you and SB have a grand celebration and year.

fishy said...

Happy New Year to All

chickory said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR FISHY! to all the aquatic life there.

Aunty Belle said...

Happy Happy New Year, Icthy!!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to Team Fishy!

darkfoam said...

gorgeous garland and a fin tribute to your mama! happy new years day!

moi said...

Here's wishing you and everyone at The Pond a wonderful 2011. Your blog is always such a thoughtful and inspiring place to visit. And if you ever finish that limerick, I'd love to hear it!

Buzz Kill said...

Good for you on a very successful garland. You obviously didn't use Blistex.

Happy New Year!

Aunty Belle said...

Fishy? ya awake? Better come over to the Porch--I'll make ya some tea. Thar's been a development that ya need to see--come when ya can.