Sunday, December 12, 2010

Haiku Monday: Flight

Fight or flight syndrome
Terror of the wild unknown
Who is kissing you?

Sonic speed machine
Brutal fall of balance sheet,
Concorde's flight from grace

Flying Mermaid soars
Past  bound'ries of sea at sky
Fancy fuels fiction


moi said...

All of these are great, but my favorite is the first one. Intriguing . . . Happy Haiku Monday!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't expecting nekkidity here. Great haiku. All very different.

Buzz Kill said...

"Fancy fuels fiction" - I like that. A nice ode to your daughter who must be doing well.

fishy said...

Yep that heart pounding flight experience with our opposites
can soar.

Ummmm that is ART.... I think the name of that piece is " Kiss of Spring".
Deliberately different,
flight from fear
flight from success
flight of fancy

More like an ode to my Mother!
Who, nurtured our childhood
"flights of fancy" and certainly
she is the primary reason we all read vociferously.

Mermaid IS doing well. But,
she flies by hoof not by fancy :-)

Karl said...

Good afternoon Fishy,

They're all good! The third one tickles my fancy. Go figure.

sparringK9 said...

neat fishy.

Aunty Belle said...

art, Fishy? Art? Heh. Jes' tryin' the git the Troll to award ya'.

I likes the second t he best.

fishy said...

LOL. I loved the sky diving experience with you :-)

Did I read you are ill?
Prayers for a quick recovery.

I DID go to a college of art and design where you stands in a class and draw the privates of strangers. So yes ma'am, for us learned folks ART!!!!!

Sheeeesssshhhh , I was expecting a haiku from you bout flights to France for a plate grater.

Chandrika Shubham said...

Beautiful. :)
I liked the third one for 'Fancy fuel fiction'.

Aunty Belle said...

yoo hoo!

sorta silent round heah/ Cain't ya come out to play?

Brent said...

"Fancy fuels fiction" - I like that. A nice ode to your daughter who must be doing well.