Friday, June 29, 2012

Haiku Monday Theme: Ecosystem

Our area is in a drought status. Recently we had enough rain to downgrade our status from "severe" to " moderate".  Throughout the region there remains serious concerns for the ecosystems of  our streams, rivers, lakes, estuaries, marshes, wetlands, bays and 
p.o.n.d.s !!!!!

Because of this I have given much thought of late about ecosystems.What is my own piece of the puzzle? Do I contribute to the balance of a greater ecosystem? I am not likely to be bear food or to eat a bear but does that mean  my being has no bearing on bears?  What is the significance of seeing more preying mantis and fewer ladybugs this year?  Why are we seeing  more black garden snakes  than ever before and why do the sugar ants seek out my air conditioned house instead of subterranean ant hostels?

South of here a bit there are folks taking great issue with the desires to deepen and lengthen the ports in both Savannah and Charleston. There are concerns about  fish species, insect species and the birds they feed and those which feed on the birds. There are daily arguments in the paper  from the side screaming for progress and jobs and those screaming for stewardship of the Earth. As best I can tell we are all losing.

Rules of the game are  the  classic 5-7-5 format of imparting an awesome concept/message/ wish in just 17 syllables. And, while my beloved Troll seems to have abandoned me, I cannot abandon his teachings.   Thus,  proper  use of Kigo (seasonal reference) and kireji  (cutting word) will each have an additional point value.  I like visuals so these too are factored  in determining the top three. Just give me a  "visuals up!" so I know to come have a look. Two haiku per entrant will be judged. If you write more, please indicate which are to be judged.  As always, you are welcome to invite friends and family to play. The bigger the game the more we learn!

Happy weekending.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Wedding

The Kellen-Culpepper wedding was spectacular. (see post of 2-04-2012)

Spectacular venue.
Outstanding food.
Flowing libations.
An inspiring church chorale group before and during  the ceremony
A rockin' 11 piece band from Asheville for the reception.
Gorgeous flowers
Gorgeous bridesmaids in gorgeous dresses they will wear again.
Handsome groomsmen in  silvery gray suits looking ....composed and confident.
Radiant mothers and grand mothers.
Smiling fathers.
Darling flower girl toddler and the most beautiful child on Earth as the ring bearer.
Confident groom.
Breathtaking bride.
Breathtaking gown.

In even my best dreams I  have never designed a wedding this beautiful for Mermaid.
( Sorry Babe)

I could not be more pleased for my friend Grant and her hubby, the parents of the bride.
I have never seen more joyful parents. They are pleased with her choice in Culpepper and if there is any friction between the families it was undetectable. They all were having a great time.  I had a great time too as I was seated with the families of the  brothers of the father or the bride.  I was introduced as an adoptee of the brides family and was regaled with hilarious family tales  from the assorted aunts, uncles and cousins. At least two of the cousins I would bring home to Mermaid in a heartbeat.  I am very, very honored to have been the only guest at a family table and to have been so ...  enfolded. I will count my blessings every day of my life should Mermaid marry a family this generous of spirit.

The venue was in the mountains bordering North and South Carolina and just a  stones throw East of the Georgia line. This venue offers a "barn" which is actually a very wisely designed events building.
It is mostly open to the view you see here but with a roof and  walls  on the sides. So the feeling is of an outdoor wedding but no one was uncomfortable or bugged or rained upon. The sides have huge
double hung windows so hot air could be vented out while  winds were kept from whistling through microphones or hairdos or turning skirts into kites. On the road side of the building there is a caterer's kitchen, a brides preparation suite and facilities on the right. On the left is the farm store offering  preserves, relishes, pickled veggies, vinegars, spreads and butters from the fields. There is also the option to purchase fresh from the hen eggs and  all natural proteins. Beef, chicken, pork and fresh catch from the mountain streams.

There was some mingling of the left and right fronts as  on the caterer's side of the barn  is where  men in black slacks, tucked shirts, bow ties, white chef hats and sleek black aprons were grilling bacon wrapped fillet mignons and frying up catfish for the dinner. Part of this farm is an orchard so the salads were pear, apple, arugula and walnut in a fruity vinaigrette which was so yummy it was hard to  resist licking the plate. The fillet was perfect.
Perfect temperature.
Perfect texture.
Perfect taste.
There were an assortment of  picked that morning grilled vegetables from the farm and 3 gentlemen assigned the task of keeping fresh, hot, hand mashed  potatoes coming forth by the steaming bowlful.
One of the Uncles said, "We are a meat and potatoes kind of family so they know better than to serve up ballerina fare." Clearly he has never seen ballerinas eat after a performance. All of the brothers, and their offspring, are over 6'6" without a single extra pound in sight on a one of them.  Obviously they have figured out what works best for them. If I ate their regular diet I would be called  unkind names by teenage boys hanging out of car windows.

Both the bride and the groom are graduates of the Big Orange University. So the wedding colors were  of course orange. O.R.A.N.G.E. The girls bouquets were  Applegate and Tropicana roses, mixed with Limelight Hydrangeas, various  pink and white baby roses and sugar snap peas they clearly stole from Chickory.  The mothers wore purple the grandmothers wore green. Very beautiful in the presence of that gorgeous, groomed,  green orchard with that amazing  purple mountain background  basking in the last glow of orange light.  Breathtaking ! And smart. As if someone had spent days on site matching colors to the environment. I remain impressed.

The guests were mostly young people in their 20's or 30's  who were having a really great time. They were  beautifully dressed. There were no visible tats or piercings or other irritants. There was no drama from the guests.  No overheard cattiness, no  offensive flirtations, no unfortunate behaviors resulting  from the flowing libations. It was so beautifully wholesome I nearly cried. This was a living diorama of our country I so love. And fear we are losing.  I pray not. I prayed for Kellen and Culpepper, for Grant and her sweet, proud husband. I prayed for their continued joy.  I prayed for their ability to resolve their differences with wit and wisdom. I prayed my gratitudes too for being a witness to these celebrations.

As I was leaving the reception the Matron of Honor, the older sister of the bride, came and gave me a big hug. She is pregnant with the first grand child of the family. A daughter. Due in late October. After our hug she took both my hands and said, " Miss Fishy, I told Mama she has to give you to me next.
Our house is small but I want our baby  Ellie to have a beautiful nursery. When can you come to us?"

 I love being a present.