Tuesday, October 30, 2012

To my surprise

Yesterday was Haiku Monday, hosted by Chickory
 with the theme of  "Las Vegas". The game was different this week as Chickory is , or was, in Vegas and,  it seems as if her impressions were of noise , tattoos and  the underbelly of humanity.

But! Being Chickory she also added a challenge to be creative with the subject and, as an additional incentive, one could win " a tacky trinket from the  airport".  Who could resist such an invitation?  Not me.

Alas I know nothing of Vegas. Really my one trip there was at age 9 where I, along with siblings, were parked in the family sedan on the strip while our parents were inside a hotel. Now I think it must have been not just a hotel  but a casino too. If I retain an accurate memory of  this event if was of being hot and irritable and  more neon than I had ever seen before. (This does sort of illustrate how much things have changed. In 2012  no parent would leave three children under ten in a parked car on the Las Vegas strip for a minute. Not one).

So there I was, seated before an empty, haikuless screen trying to think about my impressions of Vegas. Of course in an incentivised, creative, trinket dangling sort of way.   Out of the blue I started laughing.  How many times did I see an I Love Lucy rerun with Lucy in Vegas, descending the stairs wearing a chandelier for a headdress? Just about as funny as the one with she and  Ethel making chocolates. So I went in search of images of  Lucy as a Vegas showgirl  for my visual  haiku and found these:


Who knew there was an entire series of Lucy Barbies? 
Certainly I did not.
 So I continued my search,
 eventually finding this:

Which made me think of this:

 Thank you Chickory!
I laughed all day.