Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Resting Well

Hello bloggers, I had a client a while back who wanted me to research sources for unusual beds.
Her desire was to start with a "statement" bed and build an amazing guest suite around that focal point. Fun idea, but her budget nixxed us doing more than adapting an antique screen into a way beautiful headboard. The room is beautiful and the client is thrilled.

Along the way I reviewed these assorted beds and thought I might share them here before I purged the images. So tell me, if you were to pick a bed around which to create a retreat environment, which would you choose?

Monday, December 28, 2009

Antiquing in "France"

I made it over to the higher elevations before the Winter closings. In many of these wonderful Mountain Retreat villages, businesses close between Thanksgiving and Easter. One of my adored haunts is a horrid generic building which houses wonderous things. The owner is as charming as her objects. She spends the off season here, stockpiling wonderful things in her Paris warehouse to send here for our next "season". She has a great mixture of formal, informal, urban and rural, precious pieces with history and architectural salvage from the march of "progress". Thought I would share with my blogger friends.