Thursday, December 9, 2010

Beverage Haiku

Seventeen degrees
Hot chocolate hand warmer
Nourishes my soul


moi said...

Nice! I love hot chocolate in the winter. Sometimes I cheat by heating up a glass of milk in the microwave and plunking in half a Dove bar. Does the trick in a pinch.

Aunty Belle said...

works fer me !

Uncle made us a fire t'other exchange fer a cup of hot choc wif' a mountian of whipped cream atop it.

(Fishy, can ya send a memo to Troll fer me? Memo to Troll--I cain't leave a Haiku under the bridge--havin' blogger issues wif' yore required sign in--but see entry on the Front Porch)

Stay warm Fishy!!

sparringK9 said...

i will take choclat
any way i can get it
now would be just fine

good one fisher!

fishy said...

it comforts more than the buds!
Haven't tried it your way, but now that I have the recipe ....

You and Uncle trade huh? A fire for a cup o choclate wif whiped cream sounds like a win-win to me.
Will memo the big guy.

I live in the SOUTH so I am not too fond of these extreme temperatures. Chocolate DOES help.

Jenny said...

I've been drinking hot chocolate this past week because I think it really does nourish the soul. It also nourishes other parts of my body that doesn't need it, so I only put 1/2 pack into a cup.

Happy Haiku Thursday!

fishy said...

Boxer ,
Love, love, love chocolate comfort!
But I cannot do the packets. I have to start with whole milk, a hint of vanilla, real chocolate, real cream ... it definitely is not a low cal indulgence.

Anonymous said...

Great haiku. And the pic sells it. I'm gonna make some after grocery day. No chocolate or milk!

Buzz Kill said...

That picture reminds me of the opening scene from "So I Married an Axe Murderer"

"Excuse me, miss? There seems to be a mistake. I believe I ordered the *large* cappuccino. *Hello!* Look at the size of this thing."

Very warming haiku.

Milk River Madman said...

Hot chocolate is good anytime its 50 degrees or colder. Love having it with my brother's kids. They enjoy it on another level.

Wonderful Haiku.

Aunty Belle said...

what does Boxer mean? "A packet"? whas' that have to do wif' chocolate?

fishy said...

I think it's like the stuff what comes out of the machines in the hospital waiting rooms that say
" hot chocolate".
I am not certain.
I try to never consume poisons.

Aunty Belle said...

Fishy, fun read on chocolate memories at this blogger's kitchen: