Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Treasury

Blowfish family treasure  :-)

Typography, milkglass and talking turkey.

Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere but nary a pie in sight

The Monks held a vigil,

Even the angels got involved

I was thankful for the assist

Ancient Chinese functional art

From a poetic artisan

Engish design is definitely in the understatement

French curves grace a corner

A touch of English  whimsey

Teacart not in service for just we three

Everyone joined in the celebration

Some provided the music

While others held their beaks

Together they orchestrated the decor

Color was everywhere

Autumn naturals in place of cake

I never did get around to making pumpkin pies

But there were pewter crested mugs for  a petite centerpiece

And bountiful bouquets for the milk glass

Every room had a splash of color

Thankfully the Kitchen is still standing

Definitely the treasures are treasured here


chickory said...

OMG what a place! that is one well dressed home fishy. I liked all the harvest and fall decor..and i suppose soon that will change over to Christmas finery? Loved this look into you world. tres lovely.

Aunty Belle said...


Now ain't this a real real purty set up? No wonder youse a designer. What a touch!

That cake stand wif pumpkins wuz too lovely to mess up by usin' the props fer pie. Heh.

I reckon all the bloggers will be charmed to get a peek of yore Pond.

Happy second day after. Enjoy yore weekend.

fishy said...

Thanks. This is part of the Thanksgiving photo album for my mother. So funny for us to be taking holiday photos of things instead of people but she misses seeing some of her old favorites which always graced her home.

You are right, it does all change over to Christmas soon. Not usually until mid month. We prefer live trees and leave them up until Epiphany. Most of our neighbors put up their trees on Thanksgiving and take them down Christmas night. They think I am off schedule but I try not to live my holidays to the retailers dictates.

I think I was inspired this year by seeing the photos of your
"ritches from the ditches" farmer's market bouquets :-)
Did you make autumn bouquets for your TDay celebration?

Good Morning Aunty Belle,
I LOL every time you cuts loose with one of them "Mercy's". I had some seriously Southern relatives a few generations back that were big on saying things like, "Oh Mercy Me!" or " Oh My Mercy!" when they was excited bout something.

That's my mother's milk glass cake stand. Ain't it a beauty? Come to think of it she used this more often for decorations than for pies or cakes, which she did not make. Once we had a celebration where this cake stand held a pyramid of my dad's buttermilk biscuits with ham, or sausage or bacon spilling our the sides with sprigs of mint tucked into the crevasses. Mom was the master of presenting food as art.

I stopped in over to the Porches, those are some lovely flowers Belle! You still hanging our in the quiet with the catalogs?

Jenny said...

LOVE the looksee into Fishy's home. Yay!!! Can I have the couch in the first picture? Were these the photos you wanted to do for your Mother? I hope so, becuase they made me happy so I'm sure they will make her feel as if she's right there with you.

Your suggestion of using small pumpkins for vases for a big hit and I'll have my Thanksgiving photos up tomorrow, but thank you! for the great idea.

My Mother had a small milk glass collection and I think you've inspired me to bring it out and blend into the rest of my life.

moi said...
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moi said...

What fun, getting to peek into your home! I love your carved furniture, and especially the section with, what is that, a buck? So pretty.

I got a kick out of your tag, too. When I was single, I did a lot of traveling and my companions were always frustrated by the fact that I took very few photos of THEM and concentrated instead on buildings and land/seascapes and the material minutia of wherever it was I was visiting.

Pam said...

"English whimsy" ... I live with my own piece of that! Heh. Thanks for the little look at Fishy-world! Just knew it would be beautimous!

Buzz Kill said...

You really do the house up for Thanksgiving. We put out some flowers and a pumpkin. I thought the poetic artisan one was an ancestor of Cocoa.

fishy said...

Is your heritage milglass the same pattern as mine? Funny, I thought the milkglass " looks like old people stuff" when I was coming up.
Now, I think it is a great art form. What does this say about me?

Don't tell me, I think I know :-(

I am not positive but I think the table is of the type know as
"forest tables" which are suppose to show the environs and occupants.
I need to send a picture of this to Sothby's and let them tell me the particulars.

I am FAR more likely to return from a journey with photographs of architecture, furniture, fabrics and art than of any human.

Judging by the joy of your Thanksgiving haiku, you and your English Whimsey are a winning combo.

Maybe, but my artisan creature does not have a custom headdress.

We are on the same page, I put our flowers and pumpkins too.