Sunday, January 2, 2011

Party Wrap

I surely enjoyed my first blog party. It was far bigger and busier than I ever expected. I am again struck by the notion of what an unusual group this is.

There are other boggy communities I visit.  Some about small business, some for designers, some for  horsey people. But even though I enjoy these  other locations, it isn't the same as here.

Here we are a group of diverse interests  but somehow this community is a staple in the lives of the regulars. I find this a present  in my life. Blessings on you all.

Okay back to the games!
There are some limericks I didn't get posted before the deadlines. Maybe it was the bubbles. When I set about cleaning up my office I tore scribbled sheets off the legal pad and tossed 'em in  the trash. Later I knocked the basket over. When I picked up the limericks scratch pad I read a bit and found  myself laughing out loud at the foolishness written there.

In my family I am known for writing really bad, really funny "poetry". Back in middle school, about the same time I was getting over my first heart break, I also got a poetry writing homework assignment. We had all been encouraged to " write what you feel". What I was feeling was that mix of hurt and anger that accompanies a break up. So my  poem was this:

"If you love me no more
Drop dead on the floor"

Unfortunately for me, an older sibling found my homework and broadcast her findings to the merriment of all.
So bravely and foolishly, for your merriment, I will now post all the limericks. It was my intent to write limericks about all the game hosts for our virtual party. But the more I partied .. well you know.  Some were posted over at Aunty's games, some are as they were in the trash, others have now been completed. May you all have a good laugh.


There is a fine Aunty from Natchez
Her batiste is always in patches
When she was asked why
She replied wif a sigh,
When I itches, I scratches!


Boxer, our dog decorating host
Encourages competitive posts
Her motives are clear
A profitable new year
For  charities coast to coast!


Gameleader Troll returned to our blogs
Makin' us happy as mud swallowed hogs
Beat my best score!
He challeged by roar,
Alas, no score! Effective egg nogs!


TopEggy's brunch looks tres yummy,
Really teasing this virtual tummy
With culinary feats galore
And new drinkies to explore?
Woe! that I'm home with my Honey.


Moi professed her big  love for Ivan
And confessed her marathon strivin'
But first there was brunch,
To be followed by lunch
What amazing  caloric connivin!


Strung papers and glue gunning stickery
Resulted from classes with Chickory
Our fingers are sore
From helpin the poor
But goodness is everyones victory !

( still LOL over her word "flabulous" )


Michelle the First Lady Slacker
Rides a smiling poll taking tracker
" For Dumbama!" she claims
While gripping the reins
No wonder the media all back her!




Jenny said...

YOU are a gift Fishy and I love my limerick. Thank you. I think they are hard to write, shown by the fact I failed to enter even ONE into Aunty's great game Party Blog.

As for our community.... it is pretty amazing and I'm sitting here today feeling very lucky to call of you, friends.

As for your first poem "If you love me no more, than drop on the floor". bwahahahahah. Have you considered writng rap?

Happy Happy New Year to you Fishyy!

fishy said...

Bout that first effort? It's pretty easy to understand why I never have been able to live it down! On the other hand, it has never failed to generate merriment so it has served a fine purpose.

All the rap I have heard through the car window seems to always include cussing, violence and the word "sista". I thought those were requirements!

Sharon Rudd said...

J'adore your lovely garland, and I am SO honored by your limerick for me. In fact, between your limerick and Aunty's adding it to the winner's list, I'm adding to my donation in honor of you both.

Still working up a post at my place about how I decided to do the "eggy math," but huge thanks. This is a great group, and I am so delighted to get to know more of you, thanks to the lovely and talented Boxer!

All best to you in the new year!

moi said...

I hereby declare you our Official Limerick Writer for all occasions both formal and not. You made my evening, thank you :o)

Sharon Rudd said...

Whew, the Eggy math is done, and my post-'palooza post is up. Thanks so much for your limerick - I've bumped up my contribution in your honor!

chickory said...

those are great! i actually tried one but it sucked so i deleted it. imagine, me, the former rottweiler rapper struggling with prose! mustve been the bubbles.

fish, youre right about our group. i go to art and doom sites all the time..and i have a cool group of doomers to hang with, but like you said, these ones is the bestest.

you grew up in a family with a mean streak, didnt you? somebody read your personal thoughts out loud?!?!

quelle horror! grrrrrrehahahahaha

fishy said...

I sure hope after all that fine cooking you weren't the one doing the dishes. Really wonderful of you to make the charitable contributions. A truly inspired way to start a year.

So you are having a quiet evening?
I absolutely do hope this foolery gave you a good laugh.

Hope you got a chuckle out of these. I think all you game hosts did an awesome job. I was very impressed with the numbers who
committed the time to making garlands! Figured it was your inspirational blog that motivated all.

Naw, no meanies.
Seriously, when I wrote that first one I was maybe 13 or so. My older sibling who made the "discovery' laughed so hard she couldn't say what got her started. Every time she tried she just collapsed in laughter again so ultimately resorted to passing it around. After which, well it became a family joke.

And since we all blog, don't we actually publish our personal thoughts? It IS an exercise in relinquishing control. The question is, would we do this without anonymity? In this special community "yes" because, summiteers know, and trust, each other. In other blog groups? My guess would be " not so much".

Thanks again for the garland making tutorial, I had a great time.

Kymical Reactions said...

Fishy! You are great! I am so glad I found your pond. I too love our blogger family. What a wonderfully, interesting group of people, and I love every one of them. Including you.

Happy New Year, Fishy. To you, Blowfish and Mermaid. x.

Aunty Belle said...

Our Fishy found her baliwick
kudos rolled into limerick
brown nosing it's not
jes' praise on the spot
She's grand by any yardstick!

fishy said...

Happy New Year.
Thank you and ditto!

"Baliwick" ? LOL !!!!!
I reckon you
has the gift of humor in rhyme :-)

Aunty Belle said...


Post somethin' Fishy. That Party Wrap is boxed an' stored by now.