Monday, January 24, 2011

Haiku Monday: STATE

All rise! State you case,
Testify to  Huck's 'nigger'.
Elusive justice.

State obedience?
Millions for Rahm from Freddie?
Get out of my face.

Union as onion.
Peeling layers of deceits.
Teleprompted state.


Anonymous said...

Wow. The third one is superlative.

Don't forget to post at TS! And to enter the SW 30K one.

Buzz Kill said...

We kind of went with the same subject in #3. "layers of deceits" - damn right.

moi said...

Everyone be hatin' on the gooberment! I like it. I'm also very much diggin' your third haiku. This decision will be difficult.

But, yes, make sure you post at Troll's!

fishy said...

Thank you. Looking forward to the
BooDo golf report! How was the fair?

I'm thinking there is enough deceit to go around. More weeds than garden in your state these days? Clever Buzz, as always!

Thanks for judging! Accords Troll some well deserved playground time.

Jenny said...

I really like your third one too. Peeling away something that makes your eye sting.

No kidding.

fishy said...

We are all stung and crying!

My SW 30K haiku:

Romantic surfing
Balance of power and, force
Gulf tumbled lovers

Jenny said...

I liked your Boeing one too. They left Washington State to escape the Unions... or did they?

fishy said...

State of my unions
Two spirits entwined by love
Or lust. Or both. Sigh.