Saturday, January 8, 2011

Honeysuckle Optiput

Get ready y'all.
The 2011 color of the year is here.
Pretty soon this color choice will be saturating markets of every description.

 Leatrice Eiseman, of  the Pantone Color Institute, made this beserk statement:
" In times of stress we need something to lift our spirits. Honeysuckle Pink is a captivating, stimulating color that gets the adrenaline going, perfect to ward off the blues"

Excuse me Leatrice,
I think adrenaline release is the body's response to stress and you want to stimulate more of this?

Okay then, honeysuckle it is .

Of the collection shown here,
my favorite is the take out carton.
I hope it is biodegradeable.
If not we will see the landfills from space.

I wonder if Leatrice  has one of those skin tones which glows when accented by Honeysuckle Pink?
I do not. I can don that color and  be instantly transformed into the Queen of splotch.  And for those who have bright olive complexions? Well, jaudice will be their new "in" look.

I read this will be THE bridesmaid color for 2011.

Poor girls.
They will have to make a new movie,     
"The 28th Dress" .
It will be a horror movie.

 Everyone knows the thing teens and tweens need most in this world is more stimulation. Right, a little more adrenalin activated excitement.
To go with this rash of "must haves" in pink
Visa is on board
with the introduction of the newest Honeysuckle Pink credit card.
Are you feeling inspired yet? Stimulated to spend on the trend?

See those hip slung skinny legged jeans?
The reality coming to a future near you is:

Very round teens
In tight pink jeans
Oozin out  from above
Showing  tattoo love
Allover their pink extremes!

Yeah, we are all looking forward to this Leatrice.

                                             Worse things are coming!
The last appointment  of FishyDesigns with a StepfordBarbie desiring a "lipstick pink" bedroom with a curtained bed alcove with mirrored ceiling was in the 1980's.  I declined her custom.

This room is beautifully designed, with good  balance of scale, light, textures. But honestly
do you not expect to see Doris Day in there too? I feel kind of sorry for the poodles which will be dyed to match.

Next week, I am off to Market.  I have a bit of anxiety that I will be trapped in packed elevators and showrooms with buyers exhibiting adrenalin stress overloads from the assault of Honeysuckle Pink
in every corner of the massive market buildings. I will endure company reps in a state of mania from spending a week encapsulated in Pepto Bismol Pink as they again and again guide people to view every conceivable object in this intense color .


Does even one of you know a single human who would willing occupy this pink on pink on pink room?

 Pink Lemonade Honeysuckle
Is a beautiful , sweet smelling, bee happy flower.

 For every Spring of my life I can remember,
I look forward to that very first whiff of Honeysuckle. I have adored Honeysuckle as an attraction for birds to my gardens. I've loved the smell , the look, the introduction of a fine season to be.

Never once did I think it should take over my life.


Aunty Belle said...

thas' better Icthy.

Mah honeysuckle is cream wif pale yaller.

Market? Sounds like a gag-a-thon

moi said...

I ADORE this color! Would I want my house or even one of its rooms decorated all in honeysuckle pink? Gah, no! But on my nails, my lips, and my feet? A thousand times yes. And I am currently stalking that Cynthia Steffe dress for spring.

So what color will you wear to market to ward off all that adrenaline? (PR writing is always so hack, on that I agree with you 100 percent.)

Aunty Belle said...

slaggard? shure--second def in urban dictionary. gotta keep up, Fishy.

@ Moi
Cynthia Steffe, huh? Post the pic when ya git that frock--pic wif' yore body in frock.

fishy said...

Good Morning Aunty,

So the "lazy" definition not the
"brain smaller than an emu" definition? Remind me to never again be a "slaggard" of any denotation.

I has the pale yellow Honeysuckle here at the Pond. One foolish year I got notional and planted something called " Mardi Gras" Honeysuckle. It wasn't too long before I was snatching that stuff out of the ground by the roots. It was sort of fuchsia and mustard colored. It didn't even come with a warning by the designer general.

are you one of those Snow White beauties? You know dark hair, milky skin, high contrast ? All of those and some of the blondes will look great in this color. I agree, it is pretty in small quantities. I am not eager to see an H2 in Honeysuckle Pink! I did however, actually like the folding chair.

I will wear deep piney green pinewale corduroy slacks with a suede jacket of the same colour as the antidote. It is the Spring market but it is January!

You got nothing else to say?

chickory said...

gross. whats worse is, what man would live in malibu puff poof pink house? I do like pink but this one needs to be taken down a few notches. I like "shell pink" like inside a conch.

I am going to market too!!!! Meet me! I only look at the temps. but i might go up to christmas and see whats what up there. I hope i can get in on my old shop badge. Im going for friday only. i hate the crush of people but i take MARTA and just see that one show.


This week's Haiku Monday host page is here.

fishy said...

You are going to risk the Honeysucklemania? Don't know for sure which day(s) I will be there but would love to buy you a cup of chicory ..... probably no beignets available at this market.

moi said...

No, no, no. I wish :o). I'm a sun-streaked (ahem) light brunette with brown eyes and pale olive skin. But certain pinks work really well with my coloring.

Oh, and if you love the smell of honeysuckle, try to find a perfume by Annick Goutal called Le Chevrefeuille. It will knock your socks off. So, so pretty and prefect for summer wear.

Sharon Rudd said...

Yikes, pink is my least favorite color of all time - can't imagine being in a room full of it. Pinks in nature, however, like your first and second to last pics? Gorgeous! Let's let pink remain in the wild :)

xoxo, eggy

fishy said...

A beautiful , light, summery perfume is a hard thing to find. Thanks for the scoop!

I actually can wear corally pinks pretty well as I am a fair skinned, high contrast brunette sans the Snow White effects. I absolutely cannot wear any of the pinks on the fuchsia side of the wheel.

I seriously encourage clients away from the use of pinks other than as accents. I even advise Moms to be to avoid pink as a wall color. (are you reading this Kym?)

Agreed! I adore all shades of pink in the garden but am very particular about the pinks used
indoor and on humans. That being said I will tell you one of my all time favorite projects had a colour palette of eggplant, copper and turquoise. Really luxe :-)