Monday, August 29, 2011

Haiku Monday: MEMORY


One blonde, one brunette.
Playing jacks on  a hot stoop,
Flipping tens to win !

Peace be With You:

Ephesus sojourn
Mass held in Mary's garden
Dad holding my hand

1am  cell  tweet
Awakens heart pounding fear.
Oh God! Keep her close!


Do you take this man?
To dance with on moonlit sands?
Yep! I did that too :-)


moi said...

Fine form once again, Fishy! Thanks for tickling my own memory of being a fierce jacks player. I wonder if I could pick them all up were I to try now? Oh, and don't forget to post at Princess's place!

Sharon Rudd said...

Fine entries, as always, Fishy. Happy Haiku Monday!

Anonymous said...

Really excellent entries. Fine variety.

Princess said...

Hi Fishy!
Gosh you have been bizzy!
Here is a link to my place

Just pop them in the comments box!
Happy HM! I'm liking what I see!

Aunty Belle said...

these is Charmin'!
sweet, nostalgic--luvin' 'em all.
Go Fishy go!

sparringK9 said...

so many good ones. i hate those late night phone calls. love your wedding memory too. all were excellent. are you sipping a pina colada yet?

Jenny said...

I'm late, but really enjoyed all of them (as usual.) The last is my favorite.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Fishy--looky!!
Is ya packin' soon fer that PAris flea market trip? Whoa--looky heah--a Flea market app fer ya!

fishy said...

I challenge you!

I'm blushing.
Pink, not up to purple :-)

Is that an A in teacher speak?
I like A's.

more undecided than bizzy.
Sigh. I can never choose just one.

"charming" is high praise! Thanky.

I don't know what that was I sipped! Something rummy from a Jamaican barkeep who thought he could get me to sing karaoke and dance if he loaded the jiggers.

Ahhhhh! Well you do have moonlit sands to dance on with Mr. Boxer!
So funny in reality how much we actually do "take" on when making those vows.

On my way! Thanky. Again :-)