Monday, September 5, 2011

Hearts ,Prayers and Haiku

Tuesday 's Blessing!
Thank you all for the prayers and good wishes .... they worked!
Blowfish has no new blockages, the stents are fine , his issue is not cardiac.  The current working theory is significant spinal changes, pinching nerves and causing chest pain.  Sufficient chest pain to cause a change in his EKG. This will take some more diagnostics but we will deal with that.  He will be back home  by noon tomorrow or, if the Tuesday blessings prevail, this evening.
Hugs to all with our sincere appreciation of your supportive messages.

  It's been a good three years since Blowfish has been a guest of the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit.For a span of  four years before that he was there every six months. Or less. He has 5 coronary artery stents and a pacemaker. His bloodwork looks good, his color looks good but his EKG is off. His diagnostic is this:
 "something is not right".  Other than his cardiac issues he is in great shape.

Tomorrow  morning we will be back  in the third floor cardiac lab. There  Blowfish  will be rolled away to get investigated.  The pink ladies will lead me to a waiting area to offer me coffee and stale magazines. They will inject him with " joy juice", make a hole in his femoral artery, thread a computer linked camera /catheter from that starting point to his heart  and find what there is to find. Might be new blockages, might be failed stents, might be a new issue. It might be something they can "fix" on the spot.  It might not. There are a lot of "mights".  Eventually  the phone will ring and a pink lady will move me to a private conference room where a green clad surgeon will come tell me what he knows.

He has spoken with all his children, advising them of his realities and promising to love them forever. Blowfish the daddy  has promised to speak to each again on Wednesday to give them updates. They will all know the updates by simultaneous text message shortly after I do tomorrow. Blowfish knows this. He also knows they will  be eager  to hear the comfort of  his voice.  Last night we went to hear a concert and watch some fireworks. Today, we are going to a favorite spot for thick grilled hamburgers and tall vanilla milkshakes. Blowfish will be  quietly companionable but peaceful doing these things he enjoys. Whatever he is thinking or feeling will not be shared. He hugs normalcy. This is a preference I  honor.

Tomorrow is Tuesday
Blowfish and  I were both born on a Tuesday.
We had Tuesday night dates for years
before marrying on a Tuesday evening.
Tuesdays have been good to us.
Tomorrow will be no exception.

 Haiku Monday: Births

I've seen his heartbeat
In horrid erratic throes.
Mine, thump, thump, thumping.


Jenny said...

Absolutely! Tomorrow will be no exception but I'm so sorry you have this to worry about. :-( He's in my prayers for a quick resolution to this newest bump in his journey.

Your Haiku is fitting and beautiful. You take care of yourself Fishy and I'll be thinking about you both tomorrow morning.


moi said...

Oh dear, this teared me up. But you're both strong swimmers, I have faith that everything will work out just fine. Lovely haiku tribute.

DeepBlue said...

Beautiful haiku. It is a prayer in itself. Wish you both well!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant haiku. The lines above it are very poetic too although I don't know if they're in a poem pattern or not.

My prayers are with you and yours!

fishy said...

You make me smile with your absolute rejection of anything negative :-D

Thank you for sharing your faith in good results.

Deep Blue,
Welcome! Thank you.

You inspire me.

Aunty Belle said...

Fear not Fishy!

Blowfish has much to look forward to--thas' a big factor for most patients.

Prayers fer ya both. An' fer the docs.

Sweet endearin' Haiku

grins said...

I always feel guilty when I hear about this. No one in my family has ever died of heart disease. Got lots of trite stuff I could tell you but, Just know we'll all be there.

fishy said...

I reckon with all the prayers being offered we will be just fine. I like that word endearin' :-)

Don't be feeling guilty about your blessings! We are all blessed, just not with the same gifts. Thanks for the encouragement.

Sharon Rudd said...

Oh, Fishy, lovely post, but, er, heart-wrenching. Will be thinking of of you and Blowfish and your family tomorrow, and optimistic for positive and speedy resolution. I'm sure hearing his voice will mean be the best medicine for the children worrying about him.

Aunty Belle said...

Fishy, could ya' post us'uns a note to let know the status? We's standin' wif' ya.

sparringK9 said...

sending big love and prayers to you and blowfish and mermaid. wonderful thoughtful haiku. Try not to worry - its TUESDAY! xo

moi said...

Great news! Thanks for the update.

DeepBlue said...

I can hear the biggest sigh of relief comming out of you all!

Karl said...

Good evening Fishy,

Sometimes it's good being late. I had the pleasure reading your post and your fine haiku, with the knowledge he's doing well.

All the best to both of you.

Aunty Belle said...


I knowed it! All be well, an' mercy is we thrilled.

Blowfish, ya got a few laps to swim yet...hahahahaha!

Jenny said...

Hurray!! good news and thank you for the update.

Sharon Rudd said...

So glad to read your update - good news!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Thanks for the update!