Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Playing with Light





resurrection ferns



Sea Grapes

wind tangled

natural art

the greening



amazing nature

ground light

Bouganvilla with Palms


can you see a raccoon face?

Layered light

An Elder of the Lawn

Nature speaking

The images are not cropped or edited, although some could be improved with a bit of effort.
I am  challenged  trying to find a program I like for uploading pictures from the camera card to the computer and then onto the blog. These photos are vibrant in the camera.  Here some are and some are not. In the past I have used Picasa but I cannot always get it to upload to blogger more than one picture per post. Most annoying. Today I used the standard Windows program that comes with the computer. The quality of the images loses detail, contrast and intensity.

Do any of you have recommendations?
I have some absolutely fabulous shots from my Beachin Birthday I would like to share. I just don't want them to be ..... less than they are because ...  Mother Nature was flexing her might. Thanks.


Sharon Rudd said...

Fishy, you have some stunning photos here! Thanks so much for sharing.

As for uploading to blogger, I too have had issues too with it appearing that blogger won’t let me upload more than photo per post. (After the first one, it just looks like it is continually trying to load, and I see no image.) However, I’ve discovered I can just ignore that, click on the box in blogger where the photo is supposed to be, and get pics to upload.

I will be curious to read what others have to say. But I’m thinking it is a blogger issue rather than an issue as to what type of photo software you’re using. My camera came with software to upload from my camera card to the computer, then for some reason whenever I click on a photo from the camera software, it opens up in Corel PhotoAlbum (apparently a rudimentary version of Corel was already loaded on my computer when I bought it). At least there I can crop and lighten/darken a bit.

Will look forward to reading what the savvier photogs/bloggers suggest on this topic. Thanks, eggy

chickory said...

The main thing is to resize the photos to a size blogger can handle. most of mine are 600 pixels wide to formate with my page width. I cant help you with WinDoze software suggestions - i use iphoto to import my photos and photoshop to juice them if necessary. Boxer might have a good suggestion.

Loved the photos: i thought nature speaking was esp. cool, but loved the first photo for crispness. I liked all the old live oak photos and you did a great job on the Bokeh with the moss.

Have you looked at Dropbox? I use it a lot with platforms that are more sensitive than blogger even. You can upload files there for storage and collect them when you need it. Its a cloud system


Thanks for your kind words regarding my friend Sandy. It was a big comfort.

Anonymous said...

I saw the raccoon.

Pam said...

Fishy, I love the photos! As for uploading, try finding the program (free download) from Windows called Windows Live. Look for "Live Writer" ... you can connect your blog right to it and publish through Live Writer. Although I discovered blogging through Picasa, I agree that it has limits. The Live Writer is very good for getting your photos onto the blog. Also, you have access to all of the fonts on your computer as well. It has several good features.

As far as editing, I am looking for something else also. I do Photoshop but it isn't an "every-day" kind of editor. My Picasa has been running funny for ages now so am going off of it. Keep us posted on what you find!

But do agree with Chickie that resizing the photos might help. Save it with another name at about the medium (instead of high res) setting. See if that helps. But never save over your original!

fishy said...

Thank you.
In your recent post, that first photo is slightly blurry ... is this intentional? the actual photo is a soft shot? Or is this a result of the journey from camera card to computer to blogger? I tried Corel in the past and did not find it intuitive or flexible.

You know on the bokeh shots ... the moss was the hardest because it moves in the slightest wind so to get a detail of a moss strand without blurring was the challenge. I'll check out drop box.

Some of my pictures are loaded on Blowfish's Mac .... maybe I will try to do a post with photo uploads from there. Maybe not, I loathe being indentured.

Yeah! That vision is what attracted me to the shot.

I actually do have Live Writer on my computers. I am slowly recognizing my problem is I do not take the time to learn the specifics of programs. Such a mental lightweight!

Thanks much for the advice and welcome home! No doubt we are all looking forward to your next round of vaycay pictures.

Jenny said...

did you have fun taking these? :-)

Chickie is right about blogger and picture sizes. I found a program that helps me convert them to smaller sizes but sometimes I forget and then spend way too long trying to load.

I love the green, love the bark of the tree. I didn't see the racoon so now i'm going back to look.

keep taking pictures!

Aunty Belle said...

love all the oaks! An' I seen that coon too.

Camera woes--doan git me started. I have a10x zoom nikon--but the options to adjust fer light ain't great--I ne er get the crisp shots I imagine I'se goona git--sigh.

Misplaced a little canon I luves--now they doan make 'em.

Worse--all the newbie cameras have battery chargers. NOT convenient--prefer the good ole double AAs.

fishy said...

what program is that?
thanks, as always, for your cheery positivity.
It isn't drinkee time either!

I'm going to Europe in October
so I am practicing a lot with the camera and trying different programs for the uploads.


I have never been able to buy a property that was not alive with oaks. It sounds stupid but no oaks makes me feel exposed to dangers. Youse a coonie!

Hey!!!!!see note above to Boxer. I think your journey and mine might have overlapping time tables. It would be a thrill to meet you in France!

BTW .... about cameras.... have a look at the CanonPowerShotSX130IS
Digital Camera with 12X zoom and 22 shooting modalities. It uses AA batteries and costs less than $200. Less at WalMart and Best Buy. If you loathe going to those places, Amazon will ship one to your doorstep overnight :-)
Did I mention it also shoots video?

Aunty Belle said...


t'would be mah delight to bump into ya in France--is ya goin' thataway? I ain't goin' to other countries, jes La Belle.

Will check the Canon--do it take Chick9's requisite "crisp" shots?

grins said...

I think there is a program called in design. Jo is a type setter and we have something called creative suite. can't use it now as neither Macs have an os. She's a whiz. Those are gorgeous photos.
We have plenty of those long stabber.

Aunty Belle said...

aw Fishy...that canon is too big--I need one that is slim an' compact enough fer mah pocket.

But thanky anyhoo.

Aunty Belle said...

goodness--new post pleeeeeeze.

Did'ja say youse head out on a jet plane too sometime soon--tell us!!