Saturday, August 27, 2011

Beachin' Birthday

Mermaid is taking me on a beach vacation for my birthday!

 I believe life is a gift and birthdays are our opportunity to say thanks. Some friends have stopped having birthday celebrations after age 45. I disagree. Life is to be celebrated. Our reality is, you get older or you get dead. I hope to have a few more decades to celebrate.

Blowfish claims I am difficult to gift. Unlike most of his hearsay from other spouses, I rarely want "things". Given a choice I pretty much always choose experiences over possessions. Harder to put  a bow on but infinitely more valuable.  This year he has a super gift in  production. He is tickled  with himself. So much so  he does little jigs around the room when he thinks about it. He is not coming to the beach, he is staying put to hang with the pup and watch the greenery wither in the drought. He has cautioned me to not come home broken.

Mermaid thinks it would be fun if we went parasailing.
Me too. I've done this before, in Acapulco Bay and in the Gulf of Mexico. It is fun, the view is amazing . Injuries or incidents are rare. Blowfish has pointed out Moses can float safely down a river while I cannot. That was so  .............. July.

There is a certain amount of safety in hanging out on the balcony, avoiding the UVB's and the UVA's. At twenty something, I doubt this is the vacation Mermaid has in mind.  We do love to build sand castles, shell seek, people watch and beach walk. Mermaid loves, loves, loves beach volleyball.  Great daylight activities. But at sunset, well things change don't they?

                                      Ahhhhh, life is always different at the beach.

Another thought is to go sport fishing!I mentioned this to Blowfish and  he said, "You are fragile. You break. Frequently. You are going to France in a month. Don't blow it being stupid."  Well really what are the chances I would hook a fish which would pull me overboard or blow out my neck or my wrists?  I am not yet ready to be the old dog on the porch, basking in the sun, watching the pups frolic. I have wrist braces. To charter a private deep sea fish outing is pricey.  Clever Mermaid has found a "party boat fishing"  option. The idea is to show up at the dock and see how many folks want to go  Gulfing for a little adventure. It is $X per head and you go forth for a half day of fishing and partying. There is an air conditioned cabin, indoor vs over the side plumbing, and there is luck. You might meet your soul mate, you might be surrounded by those who did not edit their night before and are having issues.

Either way it is sure to be an experience.

Then, there is food. There is no dieting while on vacation. That is my rule. If you desire birthday cake and fried chicken for breakfast it's fine with me.  Because of my severely restrictive, no-salt, dietary regimen I eat out less often than most and rarely eat seafood.  Not just because of the sodium values but because I am also allergic to shell fish.

This bothers Blowfish a lot. He is such a foodie it is just beyond him to think of dealing with my limitations. It spoils his joy. He drives himself crazy trying to find someplace to feed me. Farm to table, cook to order restaurants are great for me. Beachy, seafood places not so much.   I on the other hand, have been on this regimen since before I ever met Blowfish and am well adapted. Mermaid has never known a mother who could eat what she eats so this is normal to her. If I am asked about where to eat my frequent response is somewhere outdoors or somewhere architecturally interesting or somewhere entertaining. I am more satisfied by the environment than the food.

I will love the sights, sounds, aromas, and the companionship of  my wonderful daughter.

                                                              Who needs food!


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great time on the Redneck Riviera!

Aunty Belle said...

Ya know....we will expect PHOTOS!!!

fishy said...

Last year we were on fact we invited you to meet us for lunch at the Old Salty Dog but you were a no show :-(

I've never been to the "Redneck Riviera" so it will be a new experience.

I am sooooooooo annoyed with myself! I keep debating if I should, or should not, take my D80 to the beach. There are the issues of sand and humidity. I need to practice though, before the Great Fishy Does To France Experience. Some progress has been made, but I cannot always upload the images to blogger. Either the file is too big or I should not upload them to picasa or some other issue.

sparringK9 said...

if you have a camera that is so precious you cant use it - then you need an auxillary camera. This trip sounds great. Next month, on my way to Nawlins I am spending a day or two on the RR; Fairhope alabama. We are going on a southern roadtrip. looking at some folk art and partying with my cousins and uncle for the LSU game (not home -televised on his giant flat screen with plenty of cajun food and booze. stadium schmadium.) have fun Fisher.

grins said...

Happy birthday! It's my brothers birthday and I ordered a couple of coffee mugs (One for me.) I have never been on a boat. I hate fish so I'd never make it as a catholic neither do I eat green stuff till St.Paddy's day. Fine looking pirate crew you have there.

grins said...

I meant to say I ordered them from Edi Rex, so I know the mugs will be special. Enjoy your thirty something birthday, I know I did.

fishy said...

I do have a nice Pentax point and shoot as a backup camera. It's coming with me for sure. I just need more practice with the D80.

I looked at a map, Fairhope looks right around the bend from our location. If we find something wonderful the data will be sent your way :-)

Thanks for the good wishes.

how are you doing! I hope the healing is ahead of schedule.
Mugs from EdificeRex sounds an awesome gift for you and your bro.
You can be a fine Catholic without fish, there is always Mac&Cheese :-)

My thirty somethings were awesome. But I have a policy about being positive in the current decade.

moi said...

What a terrific idea for a birthday!

I'm with you: stop celebrating? What the what? You mean give up prezzies and cake and warm fuzzies from friends and family? Perish the thought.