Monday, March 21, 2011

Haiku Monday: SLEEP

Insectuous  dream horror
Gregor's waking Hell

Beauty under glass
Thorn'd, tangled, entrapping, rose
Apple sedation 

Teal night sky with moon
Sweet Lion's breath kiss of peace
Gypsy dreams of God

Deep clover dreaming,
Rotating reality.
Damn! Human humor.


Anonymous said...

Excellent. You went all over the place this week. Happy Haiku Monday!

moi said...

From Kafka homage to tipping slumbering cows (I'm still laughing)? Wonderful work! I especially like the Sleeping Beauty imagery. Poor apples; they never catch a literary break.

Happy Haiku Monday!

Jenny said...

Cow tipping! I thought it was only an urban (or farm) myth. Bwahahahahaha.

I love the visuals especially the Gypsy moon.

Happy Haiku Monday!

sparringK9 said...

very nice! art, literature, fairy tales...and is that for real? can a cow be tipped? another great fishy style haiku monday. you present stiff competition week after week. happy haiku monday

fishy said...

Thanks, I thought diversity was a good thing?

God only knows what your friend Czar thinks of my invented word!
I'll blame Kafka for implanting the image which created the word in my brain.
I sound like a politician.

The physics professors say,
Every kid is the Carolinas says.
"Hilarious fun".
Their Mama's don't much like the barbed clothing or the mucky boots.

I love Rousseau's art. His palette!
His naive style! His humor! I wrote a paper in art school about my desire to have dinner with Rousseau to learn if my understanding of his humor/philosophy is accurate.

Such high praise, I am humbled.
I actually tried a funny little haiku about sleeping with chickens but feared I would get busted on accuracy:
Broody Easter chick
Nests upon her cabin perch
Dreaming with Koby

Happy Monday.

Karl said...

A fine mix this week. Remember the Wicked witch was evil not the apple. As so often happens the messenger takes the blame for the masters bidding.

An apple a day keeps the bends away. Hope you're having a good Monday.

Sharon Rudd said...

What a lovely, fun, and diverse bunch of haiku you've come up with this week, Fishy!

Happy Haiku Monday!

czar said...

Ah, now it all makes sense.

moi said...

Pssst: I'm hosting Haiku Monday next week, complete with prizes. The topic is: LEMON.