Sunday, March 6, 2011

Haiku Monday: Signs

How big was I  when
you measured our lives with love
marking our progress?

Pork rinds a waftin'
Batiste wavin' in the wind,
Aunty is back home y'all

Scallop shell markers
guide Compostela pilgrims
through journeys to Grace

Naso-labial etchings
Mirror image oooohhhh!

Hydrangea buds show
promise of coming glory
o'er her peaceful grave


Jenny said...

Fishy! Is that you as a tadpole? Sweet, sweet, photo and I love the Haiku. I didn't even attempt a "Cracker Haiku" but yours is great and I think you've earned bonus points with even trying.

So, how big was you?

Aunty Belle said...

Hmmmn..does detect an attempt to sway the judge? The Compostela shell is a sign imprinted on mah heart--mayhap on mah feet too!

Some how that tadpole in swimsuit confusles (trollish word) me--somewhar' I had the idea youse a curly locks.

Fine Haiku's Fishy, but did ya sneak into the back yard of a convent? I KNOW I has that middle batiste gown!

As fer the naso -labio--very graphic sign. Yeow.

Please post these Haiku on the Porch combox too. Thanky!

fishy said...

Thank you. There is something so dear about that photo! It is not me, I am a curly haired brunette.
But my siblings are all blond and with swimming pools or summers at the beach they all had that incredible moonlight steaked hair!

Hopefully I am still growing progress :-)

Blessings on your Monday.

Your post imprinted on my heart too. I've studied websites about the Campostello since reading your blog. Speaking of memorable,
I tried to write one about Livvy and loving little baby ducks but got distracted trying to breathe.

That ain't me in the first photo.
Just a picture of family signs most of us remember.

Certain batiste gowns Aunty, are classics never to be updated. No surprise you has one of them good uns.

On my way.

Aunty Belle said...

Thanks fer comin' over to post these wunnerful Haiku's Fishy!

Would Blowfish wanna judge ? heh...ain't askin' Uncle to judge, but I will let him read/ hear 'em.

Why I'se blushin' to think ya recall the post about Livvy an' Will Markham;
Old Men and baby Ducks

Does ya know the blogger called Florida Cracker? He tells me Old Men an Baby Ducks gits to him too.

I ain't told a good story in awhile--reckon I might post one again afore too long.

Hope yore Monday is productive, since it's gonna be so busy.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I especially like Campostello.

Buzz Kill said...

"Naso-labial etchings" - I had to look that one up and it didn't mean what I thought it did. Bwahahaha

We mark off the kid's height too and it's amazing how close they are tracking even though they're 5 years apart. I think this is a time honored tradition in most American households (because I've never seen it in Europe).

moi said...

My favorite is the first. That's an awfully beautiful child--is it Mermaid? I do so love towheads. My brother was one until he was 12; I never was, except with the aid of a $200 an hour stylist :o)

fishy said...

I hear the church bells calling!
Wanna go for a nice long hike?

I DID provide a visual for the etchings :-)
Exactly! A sign for us all. In our house, there were a lot of us and not one of us had growing habits like the others.

Even the $200 stylists can't make moonlight hair. It is straight from God's paintbrush.

The photo of the beautiful child is not our Mermaid. She has masses of root beer colored, curly hair.

I selected this photo as it evoked images of the youngest of my sisters. Also the runt. Really. really tiny in stature but not in spirit or personality. We spent summers poolside or beachside so her hair was that incredible color!She always,always,always was eager to prove she was "big" in might.

Aunty Belle said...

Fishy, jes' FYI:

I propose a Blogger Pilgrimage!! I can promise you'll never be the same afterward--neither will yore feet HAHAHAHA!

But, no foolin' y'all, Aunty is thinkin' to go again in May 2012, assumin' world collapse ain't changed all our plans. I would be beyond thrilled iffin' anybody would come along.

Jenny said...

is it true? Did Blowfish submit a Haiku this week?


in my next life, I want the hair of your sibling.

moi said...

I'd so be there for Compostela! Followed by, you know, food. And wine. And shoe shopping :o).

fishy said...


ALL my siblings had that hair!!!!!

I am sure I cannot keep pace with your dust.

Milk River Madman said...

I love the first one Fishy! Made me have an instant flashback to the sunny slopes. I remember that spring ritual well. Not just wanting to grow, but make sure I was keep ahead of Brother Bill.

fishy said...

Like Buzz said, this seems an intergral part of growing up in America. As a designer, I have been in plenty of homes where it was the DADS who would escort me over to the family signs to inform me sternly, " This is never to be painted over". The protectionism is universal. Yeah! to all those Dads.