Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Bithday Mermaid !

Mirror your spirit?
Is that even possible?
Magic in the air :-)


Jenny said...

oh, that's a beautiful collection of images that I'm sure don't even do her justice. :-)

Happy Day Mermaid! You make your Momma very happy being on the Planet.

Aunty Belle said...

Utterly charmin'!!

I likes the sepia one second bestg--ya KNOW mah favorite gonna be the scallop shell mermaid.

Happy Birthday to Mermaid!

An' Fishy? Happay anniversary of yore mammahood.

Pam said...

Happy birthday Mermaid! I hope your Mama Fishy gets to see you on your b-day! How old is our little Mermaid these days??? Or like a true southern gal, probably doesn't tell!

PS: I'm all about that celtic knot Mermaid myself!

fishy said...

Long before there was a blog, at a birthday celebration 18 years ago,
Blowfish and I gave her a mermaid doll. Actually a one of a kind creation from a festival artist, because, it looked like her. Then too, she loved living in an area where dolphins would come to the shallows to play with her.

Thank you! I do think of March 19th as Mother's Day. May be because I have this one
(wonderful) child. If I had been as productive as my own Mother, I might be fine with a single day of honor.

Oh yes! I would rush to buy that Mermaid on a scallop shell if I knew where/how. I just snatched the image off the web.

Me too on the elegant and since Mermaid is about 50% Celtic, very appropriate. I think she should have the nod on the telling but probably won't mind if I just say, mid twenties.

Thanks much for the good wishes and the advice over at Boxer's about gluten free benefits. Mermaid curtailed gluten a few months ago and raves about improvements. She too advised I give this regime change a go.

Thank you each for the good wishes,
how could her year be anything but blessed? xoxoxoxo

moi said...

What a lovely tribute. I hope Mermaid has a wonderful birthday. The first image (mirror?) is my favorite :o)

fishy said...

You have excellent taste in objects other than footwear! That mirror is a valuable element of an art nouveau collection.

Thanks for the good wishes.
It's so nice of you all to not razz me about being a foolish about my kid Mom.

You know, I sometimes receive e-mails from a person I do not know. I believe she is young and has lost her mother. I also think English is not her native language but in the e-mails she tells me,
" I choose my mother love me this too". Lord only knows what she thinks of this post!

moi said...

Of course you should be a foolish-for-your-kid mom! You'd be a weirdo if you weren't. My mother was always, always in my corner. Even when she wasn't. There are few people in our lives with whom we have that kind of relationship; it's kind of like a protective tent way overhead that follows us wherever we go.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Mermaid!

I liked the turtle one best.

Reminds me of Great A-Tuin!

Kymical Reactions said...

I love the necklace, and the only mermaid missing is my childhood favorite, Ariel.

Happy, happy birthday, Mermaid!

sparringK9 said...

sweet mermaids birthday! I hope it was a happy and festive one.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Fishy,

Happy Birthday to Mermaid!

Unknown said...

Thank you Mama Fish!!! Happy be-lated Mother's Day to you ;) And thanks to all you bloggers for the b-day wishes!!!! So sweet of you!!!