Thursday, July 22, 2010

Visual Haiku: Smoothies

He's a real smoothie!
Youth's sigh now a fruitful drink?
Changing appetites



Buzz Kill said...

Well, I'm not sure who the "smoothie" is, but I like fruit drinks. I'd like to think there's rum in there.

Pam said...

Smoothie boys! I totally get your drift! Happy Haiku Thursday to you!

fishy said...

There usually was a good bit of rum in those smoothie boys! The drinks? Well, I rarely have rum for breakfast.

Are you mature enough to remember the
" Smooth Movers"? Those handsome men who seemed to have the talent of attracting any female of their choice?
Very fruitful encounters too! And yep, having one of those smoothies for breakfast was a great way to start a day. No blueberries required.

moi said...

Bwahahahahaha! Fishy, you are a clevah, clevah gal.

Aunty Belle said...


Shame on ya' --doan ya see that boy is marriet (see ring left hand)

Happy Haiku anyhow....hrumph!

Oh, an I posted a Visual Haiku at

fishy said...

Ya does know most of them smoothe men gets hitched to even smarter and smoother wimmen don't cha? And listen here, plenty of 'em grow on to be fine husbands wifout loosing the cool smoothe at all.

Anonymous said...

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