Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday images


fishy said...

I have no idea why blogger duplicated some of the uploads.
No time for corrections. Sorry, this should be a beautiful, fun post instead of this damnably frustrating struggle.

Pam said...

:) on the car show pics .... thank goodness for cameras to keep us girls happy while the menfolk drool over the old vehicles!!! Our trip to England had at least 2-3 trips around car displays. It is indeed a beautiful and fun post, and I love all the hood ornaments. Just what I'd be snapping!

Aunty Belle said...

ho! looks like a happy day!

Blogger has PMS on some days.

chickory said...

artfully done fishy! i loved the one with the greyhound? what car is that? which car has an indian head..and was that from the manufacturer or an add on? beautiful machines from a more civilized age.

fishy said...

I am trying to find one of those greyhound hood ornaments. It comes on a 1936 editon of a Fizz ancestor. So now I want one for the Fizz.

The Indian hood ornament is authentic and original, it comes attached to the Indian Motorcycle a very cool looking machine indeed.

Indeed the art form of these vintage , functional sculptures was
uber impressive. And fun to photograph. I actually am looking forward to editing my pics as a "collection" for Blowfish.