Thursday, July 15, 2010

Visual Haiku: Gulf Oil Spill Tragedy

Heaving, suffocating, grief
Species death by greed

Methane bubble growth
Threatens extinction event
Eternal losses

The culture of greed
Defines risks by percentage
Sums of lives ignored


Buzz Kill said...

I like the last one the best. "Culture of Greed" is right.

Aunty Belle said...

--good job ya kept it to one image an' that one image is mor'n any of us'uns eveah wanna see--ain't it?

Like yore first haiku the bestest.

fishy said...

Sadly, I do think greed will ultimately be proven to be the corporate philosophy which lead to really stupid decisions to the detriment of our planet. More immeasurable is the incredible arrogance of a room fulll of egos who believe they have the right to risk our planet for their wallets.

Aunty Belle,
Welcome back, you were missed.
Was they talking about this across the big pond?

Yep, one abstracted image was a plenty.
Reckon I am one of those who appreciates being spared some of the most grusome images.

moi said...

They are all very powerful, Fishy.

Jenny said...

Well done.

Pam said...

I'm with Buzzy on the last one as my fave. It is all unbearable!

fishy said...

Thanks. I loathe there are so many aspects to this tragedy. We could be writing grief haikus for a very long time.

Thank you. Hard subject but our Pam is correct, it is omnipresent in all our psyches.

What is a word beyond "greed" when life is less valued than "dividends"?
Whatever it is ... it is as pervasive as the plague.

Jenny said...

I hereby declare our Buzzy the winner for this week. But everyone did a great job.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Haiku! Vote TROLL below please. Mine has the Pink Rose graphic and is titled "Womanity Hybrid Plant". One of 12 finalists for trip to Paris.

Aunty Belle said...

Troll Man!! I voted fer ya'! Like to see ya in Paris wif them frenchy girls--heh.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Fishy,

All 3 are good, your last one is best of the bunch. Good job.

@ Troll, I voted for you. I'm kind of fond of science and roses.

fishy said...

Well GatorTroll,
you got my vote. Other nations do a far better job of encouraging women in science at all levels. The pink rose is perhaps a fine way to say
smart, feminine women make great scientists.

Same request as for Aunty, when you are across the big pond please post pics of art, sculpture and architecture. And , no I don't really think of pics from the bikini beaches as art :-)

You are missed.