Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Visual Haiku: Easy Living Summer's Time

Lessons from Clemens:
Infuse Summer work with play,,
Sweet experience!

Huck and Tom sure knew
Best Summers are a balance,
Quick brains and quick feet

Lazy hammock rides,
Spawn summer kitchen designs
Pass the fried chicken


fishy said...

Posting early as I will be away on Thursday.

Jenny said...

I like your multiple haikus and really love the pictures you've picked this week. Especially the tent with the bed. I just love the idea of sleeping porches and tents. Of course, without the bugs and creepy crawlers, of course.

Happy Haiku Thursday.

Pam said...

Happy Haiku Thursday! Thanks for posting! I pick the Tom Sawyer reference for my fave!

fishy said...

Look at you! No wasted time in posting the new avatar.Makes me smile.

Isn't this visual haiku a fun game? For me it does fit the idea of combining the two Troll introduced games of Mute Monday and the haikus. And of course, serves as a tribute/thank you to our missing friend.
Sometimes writing the haikus comes first, followed by the search for supporting images. Other times the images spawn the haikus. Either way is fun.

Yep! sign me up for one of those bug free sleeping tents. Especially that oh so designery one.

Fast brains and fast feet? A fine way to pass the summers.

You also seem to be sporting a new avatar! Is that you enjoying your recent vacation across the big pond? Lady in Blue looks good to me :-)

Buzz Kill said...

"Quick brains and BARE feet"

Tom and Huck are the epitome of easy living summer time. That last picture looks like a typical union construction job. Bwahahaha

I like Boxer's new avatar too.

fishy said...

Hey Buzz,
Since I am a serious barefoot girl I just cannot imagine why I didn't think of that. And yep, Tom and Huck knew how to get full pleasure from their summers. I have pined this year for a "real" Tom and Huck sort of summer. Alas, this business of being a grown up is not all it's cracked up to be.
Have a great weekend.

Jenny said...

I have awarded Karl the win this week.

Have a great weekend.

Kymical Reactions said...

Fishy! 3 things.

1. LOVE your new background. Yes, it's been that long since I've paid a visit. It's lovely.

2. I know you of all people will appreciate this website: http://catalogliving.tumblr.com/

You're welcome. :)

3. come over. I have a question. xo.

moi said...

Nice haikus and pictures! I would love a bedroom that opens on to the night air. I sleep much better when it's cold and that's what happens here in the desert in the summer. Drops of anywhere from 35 to 40 degrees at night. Mmmmmmm . . .

Jenny said...

where's fishy? I have a video up (Sunday) that I think you'd like.

Anonymous said...

lovin' these images Fishy!!

I'se home...an took some shots fer ya over thar' wahr' I'se been.

More when I is not laggin' the jet.