Thursday, June 24, 2010

Visual Haiku: Summer Nights

Moonflower scented,
Hot Southern night hammock ride,
Swing me to the moon

Mosquitoes droning
Citronella candles lit
Fireflies welcome here

Barbecue he-man
Swaggers by with tong and spear
Pride goeth before


Buzz Kill said...

Hammock rides, look at you. I haven't even set mine up yet, not that I get to use it - ever. I went the barbecue route (among others) for my submittal at the Buzzkill.

So swing right, don't let the mosquitos bite.

Anonymous said...

My Haiku contests live on! And now they're visual. Cool.

I like the second one best.

chickory said...

trolly!!!! you are missed.

i love moonflowers fishy. you have them blooming? how sweet the scent. hammock rides. sounds like a winner to me.


fishy said...

My idea of luxury is to lay in a hammock under a night sky without the drone of mosquitoes ! Problem is, if you light the citronela you can't smell the moonflowers!

A tribute to our much missed Haiku Master/Mute Monday host of blogs past :-) Makes for a fun combination. It's a bit slow at the moment. Pam is our Visual Haiku hostess but she is away. Boxer is our judge. If you haven't been following along, look back at previous visual haiku subjects. Some of them have been quite good. Buzz and MRM kick on this game!

Thanks. If I have been an apt student of the Master then the second one is the better of the three because of the transition. Right?

fishy said...

Actually I think all my moonflower seeds drown this year. The fence by the hammock is clad in confederate jasmine and that too is a sweet, sweet smell of Summer.

darkfoam said...

"Hot Southern night hammock ride" ..
i want to ride too!
thid vhaiku is a nifty idea ..

moi said...

That last one is genius, Fishy.

fishy said...

join us for the haiku game, it is soooo fun! Come on up here and ride in my hammock, watch the fireflies, sing to the moon and inhale the jasmine. Truly Summer.

howling with laughter! I bet I know a dozen women who would swear they know intimately that barbecue he-man.

Jenny said...

you know when I first read your last haiku (and thank you for leaving it for me earlier today) I thought were referring to Troll.

We don't have fireflies in my world and I wish we did. They are wonderful, but I think your BBQ one is my favorite.

Happy Haiku Thursday!

Jenny said...

I'm back to announce the winner:



Barbecue he-man
Swaggers by with tong and spear
Pride goeth before

You earned extra "Haiku Points" for having a newly decorated blog.


fishy said...

Whooo Hoooo!
Thanks Boxer, I am honored. Given the week you've had, I hope this made you LOL, as it did me.

Glad you like the new look. Still working on it a bit.

Pam said...

A troll sighting here! I'm excited! Meanwhile, great haikus. Sorry I haven't really been around to supervise but promise to be better now that life is getting back to normal. Read about your storm also, yikes. Life in a southern town.

fishy said...

Welcome home!
You've been missed.
Definitely exciting Troll sighting!

Pam said...

Fishyfish! Theme for this week: Patriotism!

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