Thursday, June 10, 2010

VHaiku: Summer Starts

Essential rhythms
Impregnate flowering fruits
Busy Summer bees !

Watermelon cooler
Quenches encompassing heat
Smirnoff rescue me!

Lemonade kisses,
Coconut oil polished flesh,
Ignites summer bliss


Buzz Kill said...

Lemonaide kisses. Are they like Champagne Kisses and Caviar Dreams?

See, summer equals alcohol. We were both on the same track.

fishy said...

remember the impact of a really good kiss BEFORE you were old enough for champagne or things beyond kisses? THAT is a lemonade kiss.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Fishy, that is a lemonade kiss minus smirnoff.

Kymical Reactions said...

Fishy, I love your idea of summer. What I wouldn't give for a beach. le sigh.

Jenny said...

Bwahahaha to "anonymous"

Lovely haikus, Fishy.

moi said...

Your first haiku is my favorite. Although, who doesn't love a lemonade kiss best of all?

fishy said...

Hello and hugs to you kiddo,
where have you been?! There may not be any beach time in my summer this year. Hopefully Blowfish and I will be able to enjoy some cruising on Carolina's beautiful mountain lakes.

You know I was not sure I "got" the comment from Anon. Your take?

BTW have you tried one of those Watermelon Cooler 4 packs? Not even on the same planet to juicing your own watermelon and adding a little vodka.... preferably not smirnoff! For me, watermelon is the taste of summer.

Thank you! Not to be mixing my haiku's but I can surely remember when " lemonade kisses" were part of the "essential rhythm" of my summers!

Aunty Belle said...

Lemonade kisses
from chile' in dotted swiss
perfect summer day

chick9 said...

i could live with #3. watermelon cooler looks good but does a watermelon make enough flavor? seems it would be too watery.

happy VHF

fishy said...

That is one GREAT haiku. Lemonade kisses from children you love are presents to cherish.

It has to be a good watermelon or it is more water than flavor. Good call.