Thursday, June 3, 2010

Visual Haiku: Marines

More grit than glory

In harsh battle fields afar
Keep your honor clean


Milk River Madman said...

Great haiku. Fantastic picture.

Buzz Kill said...

"More grit than glory" - I like that. Oorah

fishy said...

Thanks. I almost didn't post this picture as it makes me flinch.

I am sure I cannot really understand how much grit it takes to "keep your honor clean" in these battlefields.

My Dad was a marine and the Marine Corps Hymn was the first song I can remember. Once I asked my Dad what it meant to " keep your honor clean"? he said, " Fishy it is the toughest and the most important thing anyone ever does."

Aunty Belle said...

oh...oh no. Wish I could bring them boys home fer some good vittles.

Great VH

moi said...

I love this. It is perfection.

fishy said...

I soooooooo get that. When I found this picture my first thought was,
"God don't let their mothers see this!" We surely do ask too much.

High praise from da pro!!!!

Jenny said...

I declare you the Winner this week.

Clearly, written from the heart of someone who is a caring soul.

Double donation to the Military Dogs this week because of the holiday.

Buzz Kill said...

Congrats Fishy. Well deserved on a tough topic. Semper fi

Aunty Belle said...

Semper Fi! Congrats.

Karl said...

Good evening Fishy,

Well done. Semper Fidelis