Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Note to Boxer

Dear Boxer,

 It looks like  I have been affected by your adoption of Henry.
I visit your blog to see his pictures.
I write haiku to you both.
Then today, while researching for a client,
this is what caught my attention.

It does not look a thing like the lighting I was hoping to find.


Jenny said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHA. Where can I buy this? Little Henry went to the Vet yesterday and charmed everyone. He was gone for about 20 minutes and finally I asked "am I getting my dog back?" So, I can understand.

Thank you for the Haiku, the interest and taking this picture when you were working. :-) xoxox

Jenny said...

I just saw the haiku. :-) how is Blowfish feeling?

fishy said...

Of course Henry charmed the vet team.
I am actually surprised you let them take him out of your sight.

Today is the 12th.
Blowfish is much better if you don't count blowing a nose bleed.

chickory said...

that is cute! I know Boxer will get that. Henry is a very popular pup.

Fish, I cordially invite you AND blowfish to participate in this weeks Haiku Monday. The theme is "treasure".

Pam said...

That is so stinking cute! I am going to have to go look to see if they have one with a cat. Fishy, I wish you would post a few more design things ... not to give away your secrets but to get people thinking how to achieve certain things. If that made any sense at all.

fishy said...

Congrats again on your brilliant haiku! I will pass along your invite to Blowfish ... who knows if he will play? Mostly he likes to muck over mine. Now if he wants to wax poetic about his treasure of a wife ...

Do you have a specific "thing" you are trying to achieve? In my other life I have a design blog and an online design evaluation service. Folks e-mail pictures of their rooms asking for a design master plan to address identified issues. The problem is there are lots of issues:
some are functional,
some are aesthetic,
some are budget
some are the he/she conflict
and sometimes it is all of the above!

moi said...

Hah! So cute! What you need, Fishy, is a doormat with a silhouette of Blowfish sneezing. Or demanding his dinner.

Anonymous said...

Your whole post made me chuckle. Henry is certainly quite the little "item". Doormat design is perfect!


Anonymous said...

Hello there! This is Korea. You want to show it to me there is video. Are precious images come to my blog going to miss. Happy and thanks

Aunty Belle said...

Whar's yore Tofu?