Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012: Tangerine Tango

Happy 2012.
Meet the color of the year,
Tangerine Tango 

Pantone Color Number 17-1463

The "color of the year" is announced each  December. By the time the announcement is made millions of products in the "new" color are already in production. In Mid-January I will go to the first big market of 2012 where "Tangerine Tango" will be 
well represented in every showroom.

 There are 3 main entities which determine what colors will be THE color for specific years. This is because color effects emotion which effects consumer behavior... so this is a HUGE deal. The colors are selected about 10 years in advance. In 2008 the color of the year was "Blue Iris". That was color prophecy as 2008 was a very "blue" year for many of us. 

Are your emotional responses to "tangerine" positive? Is this a color to lift your spirits and open your pocketbook? Will you remodel your home, buy a new car or replace your wardrobe because of your response to this color? If you are a Gator fan this might indicate a really good year is looming, also true if you are a Clemson fan. What if you are a Florida or Carolina State fan? Does this color choice bode ill for your teams? Is "tangerine" too close to red? As in red ink? Or does the color "tangerine" conjure  images of tanned flesh and string bikinis? 

Will you share? Please tell me your strongest association with the color "tangerine".


Anonymous said...

Happy New ear Fishy!

I am thrilled with "tangerine" because it is basically orange, and I have been waiting for years for a new orange shirt or two. Aside from green, it is one of my favorite colors of things.

As far as merchandisers or anyone else influencing my mood or buying habits by introducing a new color - pwhtt! I am so not-influenced by trends, fads, peer pressure, advertising, or whatever. Maybe I am a member of the "invisible" demographic. Dunno.

Nice bunch of bright photos for the start of a new year, though.


Anonymous said...

Oops, that was Happy New Year. Guess I can't type.

Sharon Rudd said...

I love it when the “powers that be” pick a color I actually like, and this is one of them. Years ago when I had thoughts of spicing up my then-typical black and gray furniture with what I called “Chinese orange” and turquoise, I could manage to find home accessories in turquoise (which may have been the “it” color that year), but there was nary a red with a hint of orange to be found. I’ve had thoughts of redoing my kitchen for several years now, but even the thought of undertaking that major overhaul makes me tired. Still, it might be a good year to collect small stuff in this color, since orange was on my palette for accents, and Tangerine Tango is a warm and rich orange.

I hope you will share your market trips on your blog, Fishy. They fascinate me. With gratitude for you talent and thanks for your friendship, Scout and I wish you an excellent 2012!

sparringK9 said...

I love it; respond favorably to it. I have an orange kitchen and its wonderful. I love the pantone color trends. The jewelry artist I did videos and photgraphs for last year had a chart of them in her studio -also a page of trends. like...bead bangles and leather with silver and the necklaces that are lariat wonder all of a sudden its one style of clothing in the store. Thats why i love Goodwill - finding a 70s era something somebody just got around to throwing out! I loved looking at all the orange stuff.

we. are spirits. in the material world.

moi said...

One of my favorite jobs when I was working in print graphics was picking Pantone colors. I could look at the swatch books all day.

I love orange but I have to be careful wearing it. So I usually stick to it in shoes and accessories. But all my Le Creuset is the classic burnt orange color—to me any other color is sacrilege :o)

fishy said...

Thus far 4 out of 4 have positive responses to "Tangerine Tango". I also like the color tangerine and I have very positive associations with the word "tangerine". A tangerine grove is one of the best smelling places on Earth. They are pretty too! The shapes of the trees are interesting and the organization of the fruits are often clustered in bouquets.

Not so sure about my associations with the word "tango".

I've read enough of your haiku and admired your photographic posts to believe you are indeed master of your own directions.

Turquoise and tangerine are a fine tango. You should have a lot of tangerine kitchen object choices very soon. Count your blessings! I have clients who have been waiting for a particular color to " come around again" for a dozen years or more.

You have an orange kitchen? Good for you! It's a great color for being around food, makes stainless look richer and is usually identified as a welcoming color for Kitchens. If you are a cook who likes her guests to gather in the Kitchen, tangerine is a fine choice. If you want guests to stay out of your Kitchen the best color for that is ..... white. Go figure.

Do you not use the Pantone predictors to help plan the colors of your offerings?

I love the Pantone color selectors .Truth for me is it never seems like Christmas until I buy a new box of crayons. I just love color. Always have.

I can wear tangerine as I am a very fair skinned brunette. Mermaid is also fair but slightly olive ... not so much. This color tends to make her look a bit jaundiced.

My Le Creuset is the discontinued blue from the 80's. We went to the le Creuset store in Charleston but did not buy a thing. Blowfish wants to send all of ours to the factory to get reconditioned. Have you seen their new turquoise? It is intense but I really like it.

Jenny said...

Back when I first started working for the big retailer (starts with a "N") they told me about this service they pay thousands of dollars for information on the next colors. Wow! I thought it was just an urban myth. :-) I love tangerine and I just bought a shirt in orange to put with a gray sweater. I think it's a great color, very happy and I'm glad to say goodbye to teal.

Looking forwar to your market blog reports and a happy new year to you and your loved ones.

Aunty Belle said...

Tangerine is a go fer me. But not in furniture. Fashion? check. Kitchenware? check. Paper /writing accessories? check. Garden palette? check. Wall color? check. Rugs? check. but I cain't go wif' tangerine tables, beds,sofas...though a toned down apricot-y wash is purty.

I has that orange Le Cruset in a dutch oven an a huge open fry pan--what is the date on that? circa?? I also has ONE , jes' one of the blue Le Cruset --a small saute pan--would buy more if I found it. Now that blue? I'se waitin' on THAT to come around again--please advise pantone.

What about lookin' at Yemassee? No blue thar'?

Aunty Belle said...

the new Le Cruset colors include
"coastal blue" --no ocean / Caribbean / aqua strains, just a clear soft blue--but not same as mah old blue wif' a tad more gray tone--but mayhap a good blue fer Fishy? Or does ya go toward that cobalt they's featurin' right now?

I would like this contraption they call a brazier--$205 (eeek!) but the one review of it is very negative.

moi said...

Nope, can't abide that teal, but I do love the classic blue Le Creuset color like yours. Very French! I'm lucky I inherited most of my pieces from my mom. My newest acquisition was a gift from S.B. a couple years ago (a saute pan). Perhaps it has always been so, but I find it prohibitively expensive for cookware, although there isn't anything quite like it in terms of beauty and quality.

Aunty Belle said...

@ Moi,
agree--it is too expensive--I inherited my two Flame colored pieces from Granny ( not my color scheme) and did purchase the small Le Creuset French blue saute pan (my kitchen is copper and blue).

But lemme rush to defend another very beautiful top quality enamel on cast iron --the German made by Asta cookware is truly incomparable. Sadly, the bidness is no longer--ya gotta git it from antique stores or Ebay.

fishy said...

It is BIG MONEY real. Imagine if you manufactured a zillion widgits in a color no one liked! The gurus of color, ( there are three big national companies who do this ) are very, very integral to co-ordinating the colors for industries across the board.

Glad "tangerine" is a plus for you as well. I think it is going to be a big, big success story. I will try to do another market report. I will not be able to take the D80 as many of the showrooms now have signage or door goons who enforce the photography bans. It's hard for them as every smart phone is a camera too.

Youse a Florida cracker ain't ya?
And a Gator Girl? You can hardly get away with not liking tangerine. Troll might disown ya, never mind Uncle. That Frenchy blue you mention might be coming around again soon since blue is the compliment of tangerine. Luck might show up on your horizon.

At the Le Creuset store my favorite item was a grill press. I have one of the square grill pans, if I buy a press to go with it I can then make beautifully scored paninis or perfectly shaped bacon or dual seared chops ....etc.

The blues they currently have are not what I really like. The sort of old French Blue ( I even think Le Creuset called it Provencal) is more to my liking and they are not currently offering this color. I find the current Le Creuset colors a bit odd. There are two bluey-greeny ones that are just off the mark. One is Fennel the other is Carribean. Neither is the vintage turquoisy color. Both have a color intensity and weird finish I don't love.

Back to the tangerine, I can wear this color because I am quite fair with dark hair. Mermaid on the other hand can only accessorize with this color because, while fair and root beer haired, she has a slight oliveness that turns jaundicey in the wrong colors.

I think Chef'sResource online store sells LeCreuset for less. I actually have seen some great pieces of late in my local TJMaxx but not in any colors I use.

Asta is a fine product. Which pattern do you favor?

Jenny said...

I was downtown today and I'm sure it was your influence because all I saw was TANGERGINE. Then I remembered I gave my Nephew a Cuisinart stick blender for Christmas that is.... tangerine.

fishy said...

LOL about having your awareness raised about color. At least tangerine is a color we all seem to enjoy! I bought myself an immersion blender too ... in boring old stainless and black.

chickory said...

no - should i? maybe i will look up the color trend blogs and figure something out.

moi said...

I have coloring very similar to Mermaid's. If I allowed it to, my skin would tan to Indian brown in 2.5 seconds, which actually might allow me to wear hotter colors. The only thing I have approaching tangerine is a coral-ish Nicole Miller cocktail dress that I love. And it's somehow a very flattering color on me. But I do wear it with a big chunky silver necklace that kind of runs interference.

fishy said...

I reckon that depends on what you are making/painting. It might have some application in the background of your panels or accent colors, or the colors of flowers you grow for your bouquets this year. It will be interesting to learn what you do find applicable!

Mermaid also looks great in the right coral and she absolutely will not wear gold unless it is white gold. She tans, but not nearly to the same degree as her daddy. No doubt if you check back through the family leaves some ancestor of Blowfish and some ancestor of Moi's came from the same little village in Northern Italy :-)

Karl said...

Good afternoon Fishy,

Hot dog, for once I'm in fashion. I already have lots of that color. It's great in life jackets, lifesavers and man overboard equipment. I'll have to tell the crew, they'll be so happy.

Happy New Year to you, Blowfish and Mermaid!

fishy said...

LOL! I expected nothing less from our very own blog world
Double OH!Karl.
Of course a man of the water is current!

Happy New Year to you as well!
Loved your haikus about baby arrivals. No matter how they arrive, timely or otherwise, they are always welcome!

Scout said...

I am a "yes" for tangerine! It reminds me of some of the roses my grandma Frieda used to have in her yard in Orlando back in the '70's. Not sure if I could paint a room in it, but a big tangerine leather chair in my girl cave would be killer! Stunning examples - love the inspiration

Pam said...

Hi Fishy! I read this a few days ago and finally got back over here to comment. I sort of guessed that orange would be an upcoming color of the year, it started creeping in late summer, didn't it! I love it though and think it is at least a color that might have some staying power and not be so trendy. A splash of tangerine instead of a splash of red? I'm for it. It is bold and warm and I love all the examples you posted. And, being an Oklahoma State Cowboy fan (the nation's brightest orange), you better believe I have yelled ORANGE POWER once or twice in my life. Okay, maybe nine or ten times. Or twelve.

fishy said...

So glad you splashed on over here to the Pond. There is actually a Florida based rose called the "Tropicana", named after the juicer and just a really great color. I think Tangerine is going to be HUGE in all sorts of markets.

A "splash" of Tangerine is a fine thing for this Pond. Truth is I work a lot with orangey colors because of the Clemson influence across the Carolinas. Last year I did a remodel job for a Clemson executive .... we took a small, seldom used bedroom and turned it into a very wonderful spa bath and yep....the art wall is tangerine!

moi said...

Since you have put up this post, I have been paying a lot more attention to this color. Looking around the house and realizing that I need more of it, perhaps these for my green sofa:

fishy said...

I am rarely a big fan of shiny textiles. What I am an advocate for is flexibility! Accent pillows are a great way to change the season of a room, add a dash of humor or to brighten our spirits through the dull winters. So if you love these, get these!

I have two standard recommendations:
a) always buy zippered pillows for ease of both cleaning and changing.
b) always, ALWAYS, buy feather/down inserts because the foam ones are never comfortable and never look right.

Send pictures!