Friday, May 28, 2010

We Ask Too Much

There is a lot going on this Memorial weekend.
Lots of festivals, entertainments, activities to choose from.
To celebrate friends, family, 3 days off and,
oh yes,
a salute to those who have served our country.

What do they think of us?

Some served voluntarily,
Others served by random draw.
Some gave the ultimate sacrifice.
Some returned home with maimed bodies.
Others with maimed souls.

Thank you, welcome home, here is your flag.

My prayer is they will look around and see
the best there is to see of America.
That they will see the good not the bad.
I earnestly hope they will look around and not feel despair
for having served a nation which now forfeits
what they sacrificed to protect and provide.
I hope they will spend these days surrounded by beauty,
joyous loved ones
the gift of a peaceful spirit.

For those serving far from home:
I will remember you.
I will pray for you.
I will thank you.
I will wonder how you carry that giant load.


Buzz Kill said...

Memorial Day has turned into Memorial Holiday rather than a day for remembering those who gave all so we can have this holiday. Nice tribute.

Aunty Belle said...

Lovely, Fishy.

Bless our military families.

Pam said...

Thanks for this. I have a nephew looking at his FOURTH tour of duty in Iraq soon. 1-2-3-FOURTH. It is sooo much to ask.

Anonymous said...

amen amen fishy. god love them, it breaks my heart to know just how indiffernet so many can be. thanks for this lovely psa.


Jenny said...

Just lovely. Thanks.

moi said...

As I sit here safe at home
With a cold Coors Lite and the TV on
All the sacrifice and the death and woe
Lord I pray that I'm worth fighting for.

–Lyle Lovett