Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vacation Haiku Visual

Haiku Thursday:


Bosphorus calling
Ancient yali offering
Aesthetic comfort

I've been thinking it might be fun if we expanded our Haiku Thursdays to sort of be a combination of the haiku and a visual post on the same subject ala Mute Mondays. That way if you want to write a haiku, great!
Not eager to count syllables? Do a visual post.
Feeling expansive? Do em together. Might be fun.

In Istanbul it is very hot in the summers. The lucky ones retreat to their beautiful " yali"
( villa) on the river to high ceilings, open windows and cooling waterfront breezes. Many of the yali are available for lease for the summer months. They come with servants and a chef. Now that is a vacation a Fishy could love.


moi said...

Go to Istanbul immediately! It was one of the most awesome places I've ever been. But, beware the carpet salesman . . .

fishy said...

I have been to Turkey. Loved every minute of every day. No doubt, like you, I had my fill of apple tea and carpet salesmen!
Moi, did you not adore the yalis on the river. Be still my heart. Some are actually rented for the summers, complete with staff, driver and chef.
The dreams! The dreams ....

moi said...

I took a slow boat tour along the Bosphorus and ogled all those gorgeous homes. Oh, and the tea! I was peeing constantly.

Jenny said...

Blog Summit!!!!!!!! TURKEY 2011!!!!

I'm in for your modified/revised/cool Mute Monday/Haiku idea.

Pam said...

Count me in! For the idea and for the trip. Strangely, I'd love to visit Istanbul. My husband got stuck in Turkey waiting for a part some equipment ... evidently there is a lot of red tape and payoffs that needed to happen. But I want to see that wonderful church, the Sofia???

fishy said...

The Great Turkey Tour Blog Retreat?????
A dream! And a really good one. I'll see if I can find out just how horribly expensive it is to lease a yali on the river. If that is out of control, well there is a Four Seasons just a few blocks from the Blue Mosque.
Glad you like the Visual Haiku idea!

In the Visual Haiku I was thinking how efficient it is for all the haiku's to be posted on one site ; yours
It's great to see them all together and,
surely easier for the judge.
Those who are not writing a Haiku or,
who are doing a visual of their haiku
can leave a" Visual Up!" message at you place. What do you think?

As for Churches in Turkey .... there are many including the first one of John the Baptist. The Hagia Sophia is astounding but really this is one of many architectural and art wonders. I could have spent an entire day in the Museum of Ottoman Calligraphy and the Bazaars! OMG , just the silk market is breathtaking. The feeling of being in a tunneled , intersecting Bazaar, the oldest continuous marketplace in the world ... would take Moi's talent to describe. So yep....lets all save our sky miles and our bonus points for a grand adventure!

Buzz Kill said...

I think the Haiku/Visual Thursday is the logical next step in the evolution of whatever it is we're doing here. I'm in!

As for the mechanics of how this will work. Pam is hosting? We (the collective poet/artists du jour) post on our own sites and comment on Pam's that we're up? And then Pam will cut and paste everything into her blog and judge? Or is Boxer judging? Is that what's being proposed (I think I'm really confused)?

I also think if Pams hosting she may want a say in this. Pam?

Oh, I've never been to Turkey but I had a real one walk through my yard earlier this week.

fishy said...

Glad you are in!
My thinking was all of the HAIKU's would be posted as comments on the host blog (Thank You PAM)

Then if you did only a VISUAL of the haiku theme or you did both the
VISUAL would be posted on your own blog. Others would know you did a visual because following your haiku on the host blog you would add a line saying,
Visual UP! Example below:

Theme: Vacation

Bosphorus calling
Ancient yali offering
Aesthetic Comfort

Visual Up!

Karl said...

Good afternoon Fishy,

I'll give it a shot. Any ideas how I should go about finding bad pictures to go with my bad haiku.

Pam said...

Hmmmmmm, interesting thoughts. And who is to say we can't change it to Visual Haiku Monday (because Sunday nights is always a good time for me to do a blog post).... heh

How about this. We announce a theme. Everyone can come by my page and leave their haiku and announce "up" for the visual. Then on everyone's own page, they do the pics and copy the haiku if they did one, and if they didn't do a haiku, who cares!

This way the haikus are still all in one place for Miss Boxiebabe, our judge extraordinaire, and the pics can be viewed at leisure.

You rock, fishyfriend!

Pam said...

P.S. I'm in for the Blog Summit - Turkey 2011. Might not have been my original choice of places .... but hey, why not??!!!

Anonymous said...

Karl and Pam,
Yeah! This is going to be fun for everyone.
I'm fine with whatever day of the week works best for the most players.

Aunty Belle said...

Visual Haiku MOndays?

Let's try it!!

BUT--even better?


I loved Turkey--an need an excuse to go again--see new Porch post.

Is there a theme for THIS Monday? Pam? Fishy? Whose in charge?

fishy said...

Aunty Belle,
Delighted youse onboard with the Visual Haiku game. I am excited by the response to this fun idea. I think PAM is our hostess and the source of the theme for the week.

Bout that Turkey blog summit ...
a DREAM ! I've read the Janissary Tree, didn't love it but the descriptions of ancient Istanbul were my favorite parts.

Pam said...

Ishyfay (pig latin for Fishy) ... You are brilliant with this idea. I have posted some themes for the next coming weeks. I think if we start posting on Monday everyone will get used to it being a monday thing. But in these first few attempts, if it takes til Thursday for everyone to get up, so be it. How's that sound? Could it be any more relaxed?

LaDivaCucina said...

Wow! Amazing photos! I wonder how much a flight to Turkey is?

Fishy, don't know if you are interested or not but wanted to let you know that I've announced the new theme for the culinary throwdown. Please tell your friends, hope you can participate! Cheers!