Sunday, May 24, 2009

Trip O' Green


Aunty Belle said...



This trip was a TRIP. We'uns did a corn aze near heah onc't--much gigglin'too.

fishy said...

Hey there Belle, yore a early visitor this week.
Happy Memorial day to ya.

Truth to tell, being in a big maze gives me the creeps; specially the tall ones with only one way in and one way out. Entirely too Poe for me!

h said...

Brilliant pics. So many shades and types and angles. Gosh, I want my own giant maze. And a moat!

Happy Mute Monday!

fishy said...

Lets us design a Troll Maze with corn. That way you can have Trollish fun frightening all the kids come Hallows Eve. Hope it's Troll Acres and not Troll Hollow!

Buzz Kill said...

I never heard the expression "Trip O' Green" But I get the idea. Reminds me of the Shining.

Happy Memorial MM!

Jenny said...

I love these! I love mazes and you've collected some truly amamzing one. Great way to play Mute this week.

Happy MM!

moi said...

A-mazing! I'm always stunned at the knowledge and skill it takes to work so near the ground to make something that looks so symmetrical from the air. Happy MM and Memorial Day!

Kymical Reactions said...

Fishy - this is super cool! I have always wanted to do a garden maze - but I think panic would set in within 10 minutes.

Happy MM and Happy Memorial Day.

Bear said...

I love mazes and I never have any trouble working my way through them... it must have something to do with my 'left' leanings as I just keep turning left.

I think this is an excellent take on the theme. Very clever.

Happy MM.

Nan-Nan said...

Wow Fishy! I love Labyrinths!!! Such wonderful photos and the coolest take on the MM theme. Awesome job!

Joanna Cake said...

Excellent Work!!! Happy MM :)

chickory said...

neato. but but where is the famous maze from the shining? happy MM

fishy said...

Buzz, Chickory,
I've never seen the Shining so have no knowledge of the maze/reference mentioned. I DO know I get a little spooked in some mazes.

I agree, garden labyrinths are very a-maze-ing. Did you see the water one? Looks like a fun water park for fishys.

I soooooo agree with you, the skill, patience and persistence required for these formal mazes is just astonishing. I am told by a local grower the corn mazes are much easier to do once you set the layout.

Kym, Happy MM. I get the panic setting in part! Conceptually, I like the interactive garden .

Do you take a map or just keep turning left?

Welcome to the Pond. Glad you enjoyed my quirky take on this weeks meme.

You should like this, you can leave a trail of cake crumbs to find your way out.

Happy Memorial Day to all!

Ree said...

There's a corn maze around here every Autumn, and I've never made it yet. I have to go this year!

Happy Mute Monday!

Pam said...

Love this! Have always wanted to do a hedge-maze! Great idea, tripping through the green.

Vixen said...

Oh I like that! Super cool :)


Michel Lalonde said...
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Michel Lalonde said...

It would have been nice that you gave credit to the authors of those pictures. I also don't like to see bloggers taking pictures from my pond. Michel Lalonde