Sunday, May 17, 2009


I am traveling .
Happy Mute Monday to all.
Back for our Monday Meme next week.


Jenny said...

Have a great trip!

sparringK9 said...


Aunty Belle said...

We missed ya fishy!

BTW, mah Daddy say he seen that biscuit war ya started. Ho!

fishy said...


not sure I get the question but might try to post my travels on the next mute.

Aunty Belle,
Your Daddy blogs ????? Wow, he must be yournger than mine ... does that make you yournger than I?
Maybe not, I doan wear batiste.

All, new post soon as I catch up and get rid of this headache, now on day three!!!!!

Aunty Belle said...

Sorry fer yore headache. Git over to an ORIGINS outlet and grab some of that PEACE OF MIND stuff--dab it on yore temples and forehead--works.

Mah Daddy doan blog, but Papa Cracker is known to READ them right regular-like.

moi said...

Have fun! And thanks for dropping by and asking about the biscuits. Haven't tried them because S.B.'s been out of town. Monday, for the holiday. I'll let you know! Cross your fingers I don't churn out yet another version of hockey puck.