Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Blessings!

I received this photo from a client who spent 3 hours last evening watching this family of Wrens move. He says both parent birds participate in the relocation.

The "residence" in this photo is a decoration which hangs  on the Porch wall just left of their front door.
For several weeks now they have required guests to either walk around  to the back or come in through the garage. They put a barrier across the sidewalk so no delivery person would disturb the Wrens.
I love, love, love there are people who understand we share the planet.  


Glen Gailey said...

On the porch at the beach house there is a swallow's nest that has been built and re-built for as long as I can remember. It makes a mess on the porch and yet.... we all make sure they have their room each room.

The picture of the wrens is so sweet. I just love it. And I love your client for making room for Mother Nature and all of her children. :-)

moi said...

So sweet! I had to do the same thing last summer when a pair of house finch nested in one of my snowshoes hung up on the wall of the garage. For weeks I worried myself over them, especially in light of a work trip I had to take at the end of July. You know what they did? They all fledged the day before I was scheduled to leave. Although they made a terrible mess, I kind of hope they come back again this year.

chickory said...

I do too! i wish i had some wrens! Last year some built a nest under the cap of my propane tank. that was fun.

fishy said...

when you read what each of us has said here, there is no mystery why this blog group is united.
Blessings on you each.

Karl said...

Good evening Fishy,

We share except and accommodate, they all belong here too. We currently have Barn Swallows (under the deck eves), a pair of mallards (nesting under the stairway on the aft deck), and a pair of osprey that showed up with two yearling (they think the masthead of the sailboat is a great place to hang out) all vying for nests around the boat. Holy Guacamole, you should hear the serenade.

fishy said...

Post photographs promptly! Sheesh!
I would love to see images of all your nesters and kudos to you and Mrs. Karl for your generous spirits.
Blessings on your " natural aviary".

Buzz Kill said...

Every year we have some kind of small bird nests on a down-spout, in a holly bush and I think in our blue spruce (although I haven't looked this year - yet). They come back every year. And I think there are birds in The Boys birdhouse (merit badge project) but it's too high up to tell for sure. And we have some kind of big birds that are practically white-washing my deck with crap. The price you pay for living in the woods.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Fishy,

I will see what I can do this weekend. With my schedule right now I leave before the sun comes up and it is down before I get home. Not conducive to photos.

@ Buzz: You wanna talk about whitewashing a deck you should see what an osprey or seagulls can do. What a mess.

moi said...

Osprey are about the loudest birdies I've ever heard, too. I'd love to see a photo, Karl, if you get the chance.

fishy said...

Can you also earn a badge for resourcing guano? I think it wonderful your family nurtures nature.

That schedule does sound tough for
since you will have your camera out this weekend ...

Blessings on you all.