Sunday, April 17, 2011

Haiku Monday: Clothes


Do clothes make the man?
Can an Emperor fool rule?
The jesters have won!

Dress Impeccably:

Fashion's finest architect,
Fabulous Channel.

Chickory's Genius:

Clothed by artist's eye
Textural genius implies
Natures  world order

No visuals please:

Hot climate attire
Women wearing cellulite
NO visual delight

For Moi:

Figleaf fashions? No!
Snakeskin dyed pink for Moi's sole
Because, Eve was framed


moi said...

Oooo, these are all very, very good. No Visuals, indeed. You and I could write fashion advice in haiku :o)

You know what? I have pink shoes and I have snakeskin shoes, but I don't think I have pink snakeskin shoes. Go figure. Although, I blush to admit I own way, way too many things in snake print. Someone, please, stop me from buying this:

Too much?

Happy Haiku Monday, Fishy!

Glen Gailey said...

Sorry for the deletes!!

I really love them all, but especially the one about the need to keep MORE on even when it gets hot. I really love any time you write a haiku for a specific person. That's the talent!!

Happy Haiku Monday.

Anonymous said...

Nice. I'm pretty sure I'd like the Chickory one best even if I didn't the reference.

chickory said...

well goodness I am proud to have a shout out. But I like #1 best. or wait, no, maybe the cellulite one best. people ask - are you going to wear shorts?

um. no.

you know, ive said it a million times but here it is again: it is an act of charity to your fellow man to not be a walking eyesore. Im middle aged and not all that. so yeah, i wont be wearing shorts to the *whatever*

Great haikus as usual.

Freaking Obama!!! grrrrrrrrrrrr happy HM

Buzz Kill said...

Can the emperor fool rule indeed? A nice smattering of different takes on Clothes.

fishy said...

Thank you. I think I would love to read your fashion critiques in haiku. How entertaining!
I never wear snakeskin, I would look in the mirror and see my mother. Isn't Cavalli the genius who dresses Halle Berry so brilliantly?

Does it get hot enough in Seattle for the cellulite parade? I think the cellulite flashers do not have mirrors or self respect and absolutely no compassion or respect for their fellow man.

Did you read/see that post of Chickory's? It was the first image to come to mind for this weeks subject.

That was a brilliant post! Obviously the images stayed with me. As for number one, of course YOU would understand the reference to the fool in the White House surrounded by smirking jesters.

I did try to counter all that ickiness with the reality
"Nature's World Order"
will always trump the
"new world order" evilones.

As for no visuals , well the "please" was heartfelt.
Happy Monday.

Well, we all know the answer to that is
yes the fool has the rule.

Glen Gailey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Glen Gailey said...

People in Seattle, mostly men, wear shorts or JORTS year round. It's the whole "Camping Fashion" we do so well. To make things worse, they are also wear sandals with socks. Or crocs.


and bwahahahahaha to Chickory's "walking eyesore

Anonymous said...

No, I DID get the reference and do remember Chickory's post with all the visuals.

I meant that the haiku stood well on it's own merits.

fishy said...

Thank you :-)

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