Monday, April 11, 2011

Haiku Monday: Nature

 Thank you!

Spring's glorious green
Indescribable color!
Nurturing by God.


Wasp's nest underfoot
Shock and awe reality
BITES my attitude


One clovered acre
white tracery smiles by threes
not a fourth in sight


Jenny said...

and now I know why you win. :-)

I love the first one especially and SORRY about the bite of nature when it comes from a wasp. Not just ouch, but OUCH %^#%&#^%.

Happy Haiku Monday!

moi said...

You are a masterful haiku-er, for sure! My fave is the second one because I know EXACTLY what that sting feels like (I get stung at least once a year) and not only does it hurt, it pisses me off!

Sharon Rudd said...

As always, I love your haikus - especially with the paired photos. If I had to pick, I'd go with #3. Thanks for bringing a warm spring smile to my face!

Happy Haiku Monday!

fishy said...

I loved your spring green photo.
That color is purely a present.

Red and Green arrived today! I love, love, love the NM heiroglyphs at the bottom of every page. Just wonderful. I look forward to reading the history behind the recipes when I can free the prize from Blowfish.

Yellow jackets were the mascots for Mermaid's high school. When we first moved here she said, "That doesn't seem too fierce". Hah! Then she met one and changed her mind.

just for you:

Deep purple fundus
enfolding cuisines finest
mozarella dish :-)

Sharon Rudd said...

Awwwwwwww, Fishy. You are such a sweetheart to write that haiku for me!