Monday, April 25, 2011

Haiku Monday: The Visual Chicken

Peter's denial:

Three times he disowned
Jesus, fearing through the night;
weeping by cock's crow


counter-balanced skeleton
defines this raptor


Frida, renew'd by
chickens colorful wisdom,
laid life without grief

One comic artist/
chicken strip author for
syndicated wealth!


Anonymous said...

#2 but change articulating to articulated and lose both commas.

chickory said...

I agree with troll - thats the best and the coolest image too. however, I love peters denial - oh the grief and remorse he mustve felt! Then of course I love the Frida (no ""E" by the way)

As usual you have lots of great ones. I would go with 2. Decide soon though, Alicia, the judge, will review them tomorrow morning.

happy HM!

Jenny said...

I love the chicken x-ray visual and sorry you have to decide on just one. I agree with Troll and Chickory on number 2.

They are all fabulous as usual.

Aunty Belle said...

Agree wif' Troll--an' the word articulated be's much better--never use the ING form when possible to avoid unless it ya mean to describe somethin' in process / moving at the moment that ya' mean to indicate.

I likes the subject matter of Peter's denial bestest, as it has most potential fer deep emotional recognition, somethin' good Haiku oughta do--an "Aha! " moment. Keep workin' that one around an' it will surpass the Articulated One.

But mah favorite visual is Frida.

chickory said...

just waiting for you to make corrections if you plan to before posting to my page

*foot tap tap tap*

Sharon Rudd said...

Great offerings, as always! Happy Haiku Monday!

fishy said...

thanks for the info!
Chickory, quit tapping.
I am brewing on another.

moi said...

It's number two for me, too! Next fave is Frida's.

Good luck, Fishy!

Kymical Reactions said...

Oh Fishy! How dare you make us choose! These are all so wonderful! I do like the one chosen. Very strong contender. x.

fishy said...

Thanks all,
my favorite was "Reclamation" as it seems to me Frida and Chickory both have cottoned on to the healing power of chickens. I went with majority advice so thanks again for helping, I cannot seem to be less dithery about the haikus.

sparringK9 said...

come back and take the poll again. i installed a better widget

Karl said...

Good morning Fishy,

I like Genesis myself.

If you get a minute stop by I posted a few shots of the neighbors.