Friday, October 1, 2010

Missing Troll

Missing Troll

Have you all seen the advertisements for the release of the Secretariat movie?

It is a wonderful story.
We  plan to see the movie but there is something missing!
How can we possibly go to this event and not miss Troll ?

Once the trailer begins broadcasting
I am not thinking about the casting or the photography or the actors or even the story.
Immediately I pine for what we have already missed;
regular updates from the expert.
The man who would never let us believe in a story told improperly.
A man who would be generous with praise and respect if the story is told correctly.

We are missing  his excitement.
We are missing  his knowledge.
We are missing  his love for a fine athlete.
We are missing his passion for life.

It makes me sad.
I still miss Mute Mondays.
I still miss our Haiku games.

I am annoyed.
With those who stole his joy in us.
With those who defend meaness  by calling it humor.
With those who cruised the blog family  disseminating  falsehoods.
With those who implemented premeditated harm to a fine soul.
With those who did not respect what was given.
You should all be stomped into compost by Secretariat's ghost.


Pam said...

Me too, Fishy! How can we see the movie without knowing how Trolly feels about it, good or bad?! I'm going to try to talk Kymmie into watching with me next weekend. Maybe the movie will entice him back online, especially if blog summit pillow fights are on promise as well.

Buzz Kill said...

I miss the Troll's stories the most. I still have a link for his blog and check it every now and then just to see if he came back.

And I never liked Secretariat. Bwahahaha

fishy said...

I will certainly look forward to the
Kym&Pam movie review. It is sure to be entertaining.

How could you not like Secretariat?
Awesome athlete,
Awesome personality
Awesome progeny

I check too.
Sad. Very sad.

Aunty Belle said...

Fishy ire. Whoa!!

I come on by to congratulate ya on that Coco mug an' how perceptive ya is!!

Troll Man, see? Youse missed. The chemistry ain't right wif'out ya'.

Jenny said...

I spent many hours (and some $$) last year working on a Secretariat video requested by Troll. It was done as a labor of love not for the horse, but the blogger. I saw the commercial for the movie the other night and it brought it all back. Moi and I talked with Chickory and we both said he broke our heart when he pulled the plug.

BTW? The Coco mug was not delivered to Chickory because other mugs were packed, but YOURS will be delivered to you at some point. :-)

chick9 said...

i concur fishy. i just havent wanted to blog since this event it so troubled me. i told the girls at the summit that troll was my blog husband - a guy that i was in pretty much agreement with -and during our little debates we always ended with a handshake and a "good game buddy". his ears wouldve been burning saturday night as he was a large part of the bonfire conversation. i miss him and clearly you do too. guess this means you didnt make contact when you went on the mermaid beachtrip.

Kymical Reactions said...

Oy, me too. It's funny how one ole' troll can make so many (not so) strangers miss him and his snarky, smart, and thought provoking commentary.

Wherefore art thou, Troll?

ANNA-LYS said...

What has happened with Troll?