Monday, October 25, 2010

Lessons in Pink

Mama's pink daisies opened this week.
They perform this same miracle every year.
It has been a dozen years since Mama came down the drive with a flat of these in the back seat.

 "Fishy, you are going to just love these !"

She was right, I do love them.
They have taught me many lessons.

In the beginning they were planted out front where they thrived and multiplied, and multiplied and multiplied.
I attempted a little divide and conquer potting up quantities to give to friends and family which apparently gave them space for more multiplying.  The mass plantings were lovely but they kept multiplying. So I began to edit.

That was before I learned a "La Nina" year meant drought here. We had successive years of drought . One summer  we experienced record heat to go with the drought and that year there were far fewer pink daisys, but still plentiful. A frozen winter followed so again the pink daisy patch was lessened but still significant. What did decimate the pink daisys was flood. They do not tolerate wet feet. Too much standing water was worse than no water or frozen water.
What remained of our pink daisys I moved around back to our courtyard garden.

Like the daisys,
I have had years when I  thrived and years when I have not.
The past few years have been tough on many fronts.
I may be lessened but not gone.
The daisys are more plentiful this year than last.
There is a message in this.
Maybe I will bloom again soon.
But there will be no multiplying.

Mama's pink daisys have  yet another significance in my year.
They have become my starting gun for Autumn.
Once those daisys start showing color I am off to fetch pumpkins , hay bales, and flats of snaps.
So today I will plant flowers,  make fall arrangements, fetch the Halloween decor from the attic and
give thanks to my mother.

:-)   :-)   :-)   :-)   :-)  :-)


Pam said...

A beautiful story and tribute to mom. And it is true ...some years we just do better than others. I needed to read this today.

fishy said...

Pam my friend
a pink daisy waving to you as you come home is a fine welcome. In my case, a fine encouragement too.
I found myself thinking how blessed it is to get encouragement from my mother via Mother Earth.

I hope one day, there will be things in Mermaid's life which will nurture her in my absense.

moi said...

Another lovely post. Daisies in all their forms are one of my favorite flowers. They seem so . . . hopeful.

chickory said...

you'll bloom. and without multiplying you can make each bloom that much better. nice legacy to look at something and think of your mom. i have a few things around that do that for me - but flowers are the best.

fishy said...

Thanks you. I know there is a book on the language of flowers but your notion of daisys seeming hopeful works for me.

LOL .... seriously NO multiplying!
Love your belief this will net a better, stronger,singular bloom.
It IS lovely to have a living, seasonal reminder of my mom.

Years ago she gave me a magnet with the advice to "bloom where you are planted". I think it good advice and the survivor pink daisys have shown the way.