Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Autumn Tables


sparringK9 said...

Lots of good ideas here. I hated the black and white table way too matchy matchy for me. I did love the white rooster with the red table. I like arrangements that feel kind of organic like it just happened. i thought the blue one under the shite rooster was cool too. actually, i liked them all except the black and white.

at the home shop in BR they had a table to die for: the hunter type china with the animals plus a bunch of antlet stuff and pewter deer heads....you know, rich white people kind of table.

all my dishes have chips. what can you do with that fishy. c'mon, challenge yourself. and, where is my princess room? grrrrrrrrherhahahha

sparringK9 said...

grrrherhahahaha that rooster werent shite. a typo. sorry

Aunty Belle said...

inspirational, Fishy. I needs to git it together round heash --drag outa the attic all the pumpkin-y stuff, the pilgrim pairs, the boxes of dried stuff--but this is tough when it is still 80s weather.


fishy said...

Hey there Rotty,
good to see ya. I am none too fond of matchy-matchy myself. My favorite is picture #3 with the bee theme. Good contrast of textures, limited palette but lots of variables of the accent color, just a good vibe.

"rich white people kind of table"

About those chipped dishes, you make it sound like they need bondo and not just a bit of touch up china paint. If it's that bad, keep the best ones and find new compliments.

tell you the truth I get that. It's been warmer than usual in these Carolinas too. I kind of did this post because of a request and kind of to get me in the mood for
doing some Autumn displays. I did make it to the pumpkin patch today, coming home with two fine incentives to get me started :-0

moi said...

I'm with K9 on the black and white. Matchy-matchy gives me hives. I either like super sleek, modern, and elegant or completely shabby chic-esque. I have a lot of vintage pieces of china and old Depression glass and I like to mix patterns and colors on the table. Instead of a single arrangement, I'll make individual ones for each diner from something interesting snipped from the garden. Cordial glasses are the perfect height and size for this.

fishy said...

I love that you do this!
My favorite tablescapes are those which best portray the stylings and interests of the hosts.

Blowfish has a collection of pewter mugs he treasures. Often these march down the entire length of the table each with a unique arrangement of common elements which are interspersed with other seasonal elements or sculptures.

Always, always Blowfish takes a picture of the table before guests arrive. Many of them were gifts from his mother. I suspect he disappears into his office with the pic to have a conversation with her.

moi said...

My mom collected pewter (among other things :o) ), too! I have a beautiful old mug and plate from her. I use the mug as a utensil holder at parties.

I love how Blowfish uses them and the fact that they are a conduit to her memory. I am surrounded by many, many things that belonged to my mom, so I understand this so well.

Jenny said...

I have big issues with white pumpkins for Halloween and I swear that black and white table was put together by my evil-ex-witch sister in law, who loved ALL that was matchy-match. I'm working on my Thanksgiving table... this week it's the trip to the fabric store for table cloth inspiration. This post was fun to look at.

fishy said...

I think any "conduit" to those lost to our physical lives is important to preserve. Blowfish is an only child; his yearnings, while held very private indeed, are acute. For as long as those pewter mugs comfort that man, they will be on our table.

Hey hey ..... can't wait to "see"
what you find. This year we are changing pace ( no fine china nor imported crystal). So our table will be chocolates, yellows, turquoises, copper and pewter.

Maybe I should practice first?