Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pricey stuff!

Blowfish had a lot to say about the cost of fuels on our recent journey.
Somehow he takes the manipulation of pricing very personally.
Looks as if he is not the only one.


Jenny said...

bwahahahahahaha. Love this.

I have a color question for you; I'm redoing a room at the beach house. Very small room and I'm putting myself on a tight budget for many reasons. It doesn't get used much and I love the thrill of the hunt. Sooo, I have cans of paint leftover and want to use them. BUT, while it's a "beige" it has a purple hue to it when in a certain light. Any suggestions on what color I can add to tone it down a bit? (This is my "blue room" I was planning last winter.)

Buzz Kill said...

It's a good thing I don't use premium.

chickory said...

what about cecil?

boxer? paint has a purple hue to it? unless you want everyone in the room to look like a corpse i say


Jenny said...

that's what I was worried about. Maybe I should pop for new paint.

fishy said...

yep you must add a light green.
Post pictures!

see Haiku at Trolls for Cecile's update.

Me too! I might be sans fuel.

Jenny said...

light green? Really??? Love that. I'll try. I'm sure it will end up costing about the same. bwahahahaha, doesn't matter. Thank you! xoxox.

moi said...

The older S.B. gets, the more vocal he is about the minute general nuisances of the world. By the time he's 80, I'll most likely have to shoot him to put him out of my misery. Which will be the ultimate irony of my life, because by that time, it will be waaaaaay too late for me to snag myself a young tennis pro.

Anyway, I gather you got to enjoy Cecile's bloom? I hope so! I feel about my iris like you do about Cecile.