Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Fine Welcome Home

Sky High Cecile :-)

Bloomed out Cecile

Chinese fringe tree bloomed out too!

Blackberries on the fences

Zepherine roses are on the way!

Peonies are coming soon

Apple blossom pink Azaleas

Shasta Daisys and Azaleas

remaining winter snaps


sparringK9 said...

wooooo hooooooo!!! beautiful bountiful and so happy. so cecil did wait. i love her against your blue skies. and those pink azaleas? im painting that now. but i love the chinese fringe tree the most. im buying one!
awesome portfolio, fish.

Jenny said...

I love it! Blackberries in April?? They flower in June here and fruit in August. Cecile is glorious and I'm glad you're home to enjoy your beautiful garden. I love that Chinese Fringe too. Now I wish I could smell them all. :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!

fishy said...

Morning Dawg!
I am eagerly awaiting the reveal of your Azalea painting. I love the ones you have shown us to date, I want them all!!!!!!!

About those Chinese fringe trees. Mine is still a juvenile, only 3 years old but neighbors have a row of mature ones which are spectacular!
Do get one, they are amazingly beautiful.

Yes Cecile did wait for our return.
We returned in rain so I was concerned the blooms would look beat and bruised but she is gorgeous! As you saw on the sky pic even more blooms are coming!

Today I am in my Cruella DeFleur mode, taking out the winter pansies , a chore I loathe. But, I have 5 flats of new Spring-Summer-Fall plants going in,
White salvia and begonias, pink verbena, and snaps, masses of green and white caladiums. As you saw the white shasta daisy bed is looking good and next to them the
Parks Pink Patio dahlias are coming along nicely. The dogwoods are filled out and the candy striped peonies are on the way.

I'm thinking if I can afford to hire you to do a garden portrait?
I see you work from photographs but it would be cool if you could tour the garden, take your own photos and compose your vision of my little courtyard garden.

Such dreams!
First , I need to get planting!

fishy said...

How's the chair project today? The paint the room project? The get organized project? For someone looking forward to a "free" weekend you sure have a lot of to dos.

We HOPE to get some of those fine blackberries this year. Last year, they were almost ready then I got called out of state and once returned discovered the birds had feasted on every last one of 'em.

Cecile smells ethereal, no fragrance to the Chinese Fringe Tree. But who cares? That tree is a fantasy come to life.

Getting rained out of my garden so it might be I'll have to spend the day in Cinderella mode. Or maybe I will have a cooking afternoon. I am inspired. Blowfish and I went out to a wonderful farm to table restaurant last night where I enjoyed a pasta dish derived from the offerings of local farms. Yum Squared.

Aunty Belle said...


Divine, Fishy, jes' divine.

Your blackberries is abloom--what does ya make wif' em'?

I have peony envy.

fishy said...

Welcome Aunty! You've been missed.
Blowfish likes PIE and if a berry isn't going into a pie he likes it on his morning cereal or just in a fresh fruit salad.

Me? I like them off the vine, sun warmed with the juices running off my elbows. Sigh, makes me feel like a kid again. When my near sister and I went blackberry picking we ate more than we fetched. My blessing is these Pond blackberries are a thornless variety.

Peony envy? Well they are a right fine gift albeit a brief one. Down your way there are year round delights like Plumbago and Bouganvillia which just don't do so well in these parts except for in the summer months.
I reckon flower stimulus is one of the reasons we travel.