Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lasting Choices

The PRIZE from the e-bay bidding war!

Blowfish's grandaughter is graduating from high school next month. She is a lovely young woman.She rides horses, plays the harp, works hard for everything she earns and is a person of grace.

Blowfish has begun thinking about a graduation gift. So far he has not settled on any one thing. I mentioned to him I still had my high school graduation present from my grandfather, it's a string of pearls. I also shared I have never once placed those pearls around my neck without thinking of my grandfather.

[ I did have an unusual grandfather who taught me fine life skills like yo-yo-ing, jacks and knife throwing. If you do not know, yo-yo's were originally weapons, not toys. Getting good at jacks created a fine level of eye hand co-ordination I still appreciate. He taught our Mom and, we grandkids, the fine art of speaking "dog". That is a treasured gift too. He also taught me how to take bows off packages and place them on my head or around my neck with the admonishment to recognize "I am a gift!" and to respect the importance of lifes celebrations. A fine legacy to be sure. Along with the pearls.]

Blowfish would like to think it is possible with the current generation to also select a present which would last a lifetime. He is not sure others are like me and will , this many decades after high school, still possess and treasure a grandfather's gift.

So, do any of you still possess high school graduation presents? If so what is the gift and why did you keep it? Because of the gift itself? Because of the giver? Both? Please share!

I am buying this lovely young woman a couple of gifts.
First I am getting a 1930 Irish Half Crown coin. Strange, I know. But one of Blowfishs grandmothers was a Trainor from County Cork Ireland so there is the heritage connection. That's a good reason but the real reason is this particular coin has a hunter (horse) on one side and a harp on the other.

How perfect is that?

I am also giving this Catholic High School graduate a silver coin pendant of St. James on horseback and a book on Saint James. Actually, St. James is most often depicted with a pilgrims walking stick as he is also the Patron Saint of Spain , is much consulted, and lies in Campostello where he is visited regularly. It can be very challenging to find a St. James on horseback, but I have located one. Not exactly the quality or size I was hoping for but it will be just fine. Since life is a personal pilgrimage, which often starts when young people leave home for the first time, I thought this an appropriate time for such a gift. This young woman, like most of us will face her fair share of adversities so if she partners with St. James along her journey I trust she will be finely lead.

I suspect her mother will scorn my selections.
She is more attuned to show than am I .
But she is not the graduate.

Blowfish on the other hand would like to select a gift the graduate will appreciate for years to come. A gift his incredibly materialistic daughter will give the nod to. And, a gift his ex will not find necessary to critique.
( Yes! I am very glad I will not be attending this graduation. )

So my fellow bloggers, PLEASE help Blowfish by offering suggestions.
Thanks much.


Aunty Belle said...

St. James?!?!?!

What a grand idea, Fishy. (Ya DOES know --mebbe--that Aunty done made that Pilgrimage trek now, twice. Highly recommend it to all.)

Blowfish can give the dear chile something that is a reminder of Blowfish too--a sliver charm bracelet wif a fish? Pearl earrings? Something girly, something that says, "youse a lovely young lady now."

Unknown said...

The most thoughtful gifts are the best and yours sounds wonderful. I have no memory of any high school gift that I received .. but it's been a long time ;) Let me put some thought to it and see if I can come up with a good idea for Mr. Fishy.

Buzz Kill said...

At the time I graduated, my uncle/goffather owned a trophy shop and he gave me a wolf's head silver cup with my name and graduation date engraved in it.

Looks like this:

I still have it and do think of him when I see it in the china cabinet. He's lived in Florida the last 40 years and I don't see or talk to him much, but I still have the cup.

I have given proof coin sets for the graduation/birth year as gifts in the past. I don't know if they were cherished but I know they will increase in value over the years.

fishy said...

Nice to hear from Ya! Seems I do remember a blog about a pilgrimage, guess that St. James is a worthy one.

Blowfish is considering giving her a silver cuff bracelet with her initials in a monogram format. Also a rosary which was his Moms.
"Girly" is good, this granddaughter is nearly 6 feet tall and big boned like her Dad but she is a delicate/girly personality.

Well I think I have three of mine, a high school classring, the pearls and a red scotch grained leather trunk. Looking forward to what you come up with.

Thanks much and what good ideas! I will definitely mention the birth year coin sets to Blowfish. His Dad actually did that sort of gifting.
As for your Wolfshead cup from
UncleGod .... great choice, one which has clearly stood the test of time.

Jenny said...

I received a watch for my graduation and while it no longer works, I still have it.

I think a combination of gifts is nice and honestly? I think you're doing a lovely job, putting such careful thought into your decisions. I'd save the pearls for college or wedding?

A locket?

(p.s. didn't know there was a Mrs. Fishy before you.)

fishy said...

Thanks for the affirmation!
I have a collection of non functioning watches which I just cannot part with. Maybe I should borrow a page from your book and mount them sequentially in a velvet lined shadow box.

Yep. Blowfish was a package deal. He came with custody of two teens, his parents a block away, his former inlaws a block the other way and a former brother in law across the street. Insanity!

But! There is our lovely Mermaid :-)

PS) There was no "Mrs. Fishy" before me as that name is reserved for pleasant people only.

h said...

Both you and Buzz kind of killed my proof-sets idea. And I don't recall getting ANY High School or College graduation gifts.

Methinks you should let Blowfish give the cool Irish coin and the St. James thingy and then you can think of something else. You're probably a LOT better at that than he is.

h said...

A Treasure Chest (something she'll think about when she moves and they last forever). Good luggage (something she'll think about when she moves and travels and lasts close-to-forever).

fishy said...

Troll, You smart man! I did suggest to Blowfish a beautiful silver box with an etched monogram ( a treasure chest) but he vetoed my idea. I also suggested luggage, also vetoed. Now if I were married to you this issue would be settled.

No high school or college grad gifts?
Not even a thorny club?

Kymical Reactions said...

Fishy, I think your gift selections sound lovely.

Aside from a pendant of some sort, perhaps a keepsakes box. It's in line with a treasure chest, but it can be the place she keeps all the special things she receives for her big day.

Can never go wrong with a nice set of luggage.

h said...

Nope, didn't get a thing. I was thinking BIG treasure chest. Ours was about 5L' by 3W' by 3H'.

Lillie said...

I got money for my graduation and it was all gone (I can't remember where it went-- probably clothes and booze?) within 3 months. Totally wish I'd gotten something lasting!

There's really nice, meaningful keepsake jewelry here: