Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Mermaid Shop

During the Fizzy trip I wandered into a beachy town .
While there I wandered into this "Mermaid" shop. I took a few pictures
before a pleasant young lady came to tell me they did not allow photographs
to be taken in their shop. I readily agreed to put my phone away but not before taking a quick pic of another shopper who looked all for the world like a real Mermaid, newly arrived from the waters.

I loved this sculpture, textures and mood were great.

Mermaid hooks, guess I never thought to
hang my hat on a Mermaid's tail!

Doesn't every Pond owner need Mermaid napkins for entertaining?

Or a painted board to hang on the Porch?

Just the thing for hanging up a wet suit.

The real thing come to shop?


Pam said...

Oooooh, fun shop. I love these posts of yours with various whimsical items! Did you pick up something for your own mermaid?

Jenny said...

I was in a beachy town in November and bought those exact napkins for my SIL who loves all things Mermaid.

chickory said...

i like the mermaid hooks. buy a whole lot of them and fill a wall. the last picture...that'sa mermaid, i can tell by the hair.

la sirena

the siren

mermaid lore is interesting.
happy sunday fish!

Buzz Kill said...

When I saw the title of this blob, I thought maybe "your" Mermaid had opened up a store. I'm not much of knick-knack kind of guy but the Mrs would like a place like this.

When ever I think of Mermaids, I think of Daryl Hannah. Is that wrong?

fishy said...

It was a fun shop and no, I did not buy anything for my Mermaid child. I didn't actually stay long after they assigned a staff member to stalk me so I would not use my photo-phone again.

I do think the idea of "mermaids" is one of my favorite fantasy creatures. Maybe it is because they are reputed to do good never evil.

As I made my way through this beachy place I found "mermaid hair" to be typical on lots of young women. Perhaps this look is the natural consequence of wind and water on long tresses? I found it lovely.
My own child does have natural "Mermaid " hair without the wind and water. The stuff just sprouts out of her skull looking perfect and is the incredible color of root beer in sunlight. Lucky lady!

You are right on spot! I didn't find Darryl in any of the shops but, I did see a beautiful black and white poster of her in mermaid identity in a beach wear shop display.
If my Mermaid were to open a store, it would probably be the
"MerMare" shop! All things horse and beach would keep her in smiles.

Do you recognize this shop? I think it may be in Troll country.