Sunday, March 7, 2010

Coming Soon ?


Pam said...

We can hope. The long cold winter of our discontent has got to end at SOME POINT!

fishy said...

I am yearning for Spring something fierce. This El Nino year has harshened and extended winter way beyond my comfort zones!

Which is your first/favorite sign of Spring in OK?

Jenny said...

Oddly, we're getting our Spring flowers about two weeks early because we've had a mild winter.

for me, it's the Tulips. Tulips are big around here and just about an hour north is one of the largest tulip farms in the country. It's spectacular.

And early. However, my tulips are no where to be seen. Last year they didn't emerge until April so I'm hoping for March this year.

chickory said...

love those white iris. and snowdrops are so dear. but what is more cheerful than a daffodil? as eastery as a baby duckling. c'mon spring!

Joanna Cake said...

Our daffodils are just starting to think about opening... but another cold snap has just set in :(

Aunty Belle said..., Fishy, is these thangs abloom on yore pond right NOW? If so, I'se hitchin' up mah skirts an comin' runnin' ter see.

fishy said...

Don't you hate the late f reezes. It just ruins hope.

Don't be hitchin those skirts just yet. These all will be showing out at the Pond sometime between now and Easter Sunday. Makes it great to have some color to hide the eggs under.

fishy said...

Do you go tiptoeing thru the tulips with your two lips close to anothers? Are you going to the Tulip Spectacular this year? Take pictures, and Dad if he's able cause visions of one more fab Spring...priceless.

I am always so joyful when I spot the first Snowdrops!
For us, the Irises come after the Snowdrops. One Winter my cient Ruby came calling and said," I need to redo my Living Room before the yellow bulb garden blooms". We did the room. Ruby called to tell me when the garden was in it's glory so I went to look. There are more than 2 thousand bulbs of yellow daffodils, tulips, iris planted so it looks like a river and waterfall cascading from just the side of her front door to the street! Amazing. We did her room in spring green with crisp white and accents of daffodil yellow. It's a beautiful light filed room but it does not compare with the glory garden.
C'mon Spring!