Sunday, December 28, 2014


We are in for three more days of gloomy weather.
Thank God it was sunny and beautiful on Christmas.
It is so dark in my house I could not dust if I wanted to.
No hiking, no going to the lake, no happy me getting chores done in the garden. Blah inside and out. All the lights went out on the living room tree again. Christmas afternoon, just as we were getting the table set. The family tree in the garden room is still shining :-)

In an effort to combat the glooms I have reverted to a favorite pastime. Getting into the "wishbooks" as my Mother called them. The seed catalogs from Parks or Burpees or Wayside Gardens to dream of gardens to be.

comet white eggplant

parks beauty blend

zephirine  drouhin climbing rose

bright lights swiss chard

queen lime zinnias

black beauty eggplant

4 seasons butter lettuce

heirloom moonflowers

golden egg squash

red stem malabar spinach

purple haze carrots

cocozelle squash

zohar sunflowers

mountain magic tomatoes

Warm Summer Echinacea

Yeah, I'm ready for that now.

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Aunty Belle said...

blogging is dying....

hope you plant a bounteous garden for spring