Monday, March 5, 2012

Home 2 Home

Returning to places and people you love dearly is always a risk. What if you simply cannot bring yourself to go home? It is no secret I left my beloved Sarasota kicking and screaming. I do not transplant well. I get attached to things:  Trees. architecture, incredibly green, huge, tropical leaves, turquoise oceans,  beach babies looking like human palominos, shade dappled roads with incredible oak  colonnades. 
The welcoming arms of people I love.

I had a great time at the birthday party for a nephew. This is the nephew who had the least one on one with Aunt Fishy growing up. I had moved away when he was pretty young so instead of being the regular baby sitter and spoiler, I was a holiday visitor in his life. He is a man with a big, sweet heart so he loves me anyway. I am blessed. So is he. By his oh-so darling wife who baked him a triple chocolate cake which she served with homemade coffee ice cream. She who without the least bit of hesitancy wrote on her wall his birth date  and time of arrival proclaiming this to be the moment in time when the world became a a better place.  

I brought him a shirt, and the cookie jar.
To his credit I think he was touched by this gift. It is a family story this pig, but when you have just one cookie pig and multiple children then more pigs are needed. This is why an Aunt Fishy is a good thing to have.  The truth is I cannot think of a better gift than one which speaks of love. This nephew has had many a delight from the original pig.Judging by the cake  and the testimonial wall I suspect he will have a full jar for life.

The Farmer's market was a delight. I went with three generations of loves. We came a bit late, 9:30 because we had all stayed long at the party the night before. We were eager for our breakfasts . I indulged in a serving of sweet potato bread pudding and raspberry tea.  Yum.  I love the sights, sounds, smells of a good  outdoor market. This one has many dogs, some on foot, many in strollers
wearing clothes. I find this disturbing. I like for a dog to be a dog.

I could hear wind chimes at Mama's gravesite. Not the one I hung in the tree for her.
The tree was nearly encapsulated in heavy moss. I don't think I have ever seen a year with more moss. The part of the tree where I hung her wind chime was completely massed in the stuff. It did not matter.  With each soft breeze there was a sweet song
offered. I was fine with that. God cannot be conquered by moss. Nor love.

Hits Ocala is held at Post Time Farm. The horse show  grounds are laid out inside the race track.  It is huge. Ringling,Barnum and Bailey would have been jealous at the number of rings all going at the same time.

One of the things I love about horse shows in Florida is the trees. Florida is hot. The horses, riders, trainers, ringmen,judges and spectators all get very, very, hot. Wisely, rings have been established around huge shading oak trees. It help manage the heat exposure and it is beautiful. A win win for all.

I like the culture of horse shows. Families are here with the kids, the horses, the dogs, the grannies. It is a way of life I admire. At this particular level families secure berths for grooms and steeds for this 6 week  season. The kids are in school, the parents have careers so they fly in to the show on Fridays and back home on Sunday nights. But there are others who live within range and trailer in for the day to take their place in the sun.

I like this too. This may be considered the sport of kings but my belief is it is a sport for all who have love and talent for the game. There are equine athletes of noble pedigree and still others the result of a broken fence. Most horses who compete at this level love the sport and strive to shine. I love this.

I left before I had intended. Tornado watch, heavy winds, sporadic rains, dropping temperatures began to erode my pleasure in the experience. And I missed  my family.
So the Fizz and I headed home.  What is funny is on the way to this journey I was also headed home. Thus I traveled from home to home and then back home again. This is a present. To feel I am home in many locations, in the embrace of my many loves. Sweet.

Today it was back to trying to understand why this project is again delayed. There were three e-mails from Keith asking what could be done to " keep this project moving".
It's a valid question. It needs an answer.
 Welcome home to the hot water Fishy.


sparringK9 said...

that pig cookie jar is very cool - a classic even. I like those big flarda oaks too. But my favorite thing is going from home to home -into loving arms on both ends. Its a good kind of travel and i think the drive adds to that -its not the same when i fly. im guessing you are the same judging by how often you write about the Fizz. Enjoyed riding shotgun on this trip -great photos!

moi said...

I swear, every time I leave home for a relaxing visit, I come home to work or personal vertummult. What IS that about? I hope your re-entry isn't too stressful.

I know what you mean about not wanting to be uprooted. I have, and will, travel gladly. Around the world and often, but I can't leave New Mexico permanently. I tried, I really did . . . but it's not in me right now to leave the desert.

Glad you enjoyed yourself and that you're home safely.

Jenny said...

I moved to the PNW when I was six. As much as the rain/etc gets to me... I'll never be able to leave. Like Moi, I've tried.

When looking at your photos I kept thinking the word "lush". So glad you had a good time AND stayed away from the big storms?

That cookie jar is very unusual and I'm sure an heirloom your nephew will appreciate.

Welcome home. :-)

Buzz Kill said...

I've never been to Sarasota but you took some pretty good pictures of it. A lot of peppers seem to be in season down there.

When I was very young, my grandmother worked at a local horse show every year and your pictures reminded me of that.

And the last picture of the job site. The Mrs and I are having an addition put on the house (starting in a month, we hope) and the bar in your project looks very similar to what we're doing. I'll have to show her.

Buzz Kill said...
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fishy said...

I do like to wander. I like to stay off of the super slabs and take time to enjoy the journey. You are welcome to ride shot gun anytime.

In my gig it is getting ever more difficult to shepherd the time lines. So many of the sub contractors still standing cut their teams by 60% or more. Thus it takes longer for everything; longer to get a bid, longer to start the job, longer to finish the job. If there is illness or a surprise on another project then delays happen.
Not a one of them is willing to hire back staff ... too risky and too expensive.

I barely survived being uprooted the last time. But .... I think I could go live in Normandy.

Lots of families came to Florida during the boom of the sixties and seventies. In part because of NASA, but there was also the interstates just coming through, a real estate boom and then Disney buying that huge chunk of central Florida in the 60's too. Back in the day, folks wintered in Florida. The main road between Michigan and Miami was
the 441 ( before interstates) there is much history along this route so it is fun to try to incorporate a bit of this old divided highway travel into my journeys. I love seeing the vintage architecture, the vestiges of a life once normal and the old gardens speak to me too. In Ocala, the mix of agriculture is horses and citrus ... I learned to ride in orange groves, barebacking and braiding orange blossoms in the manes :-)

The storms tried to capture me but the Fizz is mighty!

LOL, I cannot tell you how many people start enlarging their houses once the kids start leaving the nest. Good for your and your Mrs. I hope your project exceeds your dreams not your budget.

There are some great horse shows in New Jersey, there is usually a $50k Grand Prix Jumper event at the Sussex County Fairgrounds in March.
If that is not far from your location it's an exciting spectator sport.

Pam said...

I love that cookie jar too! Such a great trip you had, and don't you love that it was for a good occasion -- a birthday -- and not for a sad one. Not that it isn't always good to see the family, but circumstances being happy are special. I didn't know you were from Sarasota. Thought you were always a Carolinian, but I'm not sure whether North or South. Could be way wrong on it all. I may have to scout around over at the cemetery for a place to hang some wind chimes. Such a beautiful idea. My mom was on my mind today and did a post about it also!

grins said...

I liked the pig we have a big clown. Yuk The mossy trees are nest. They probably don't grow far from swampy stuff so I'll never see one.

Anonymous said...

new post please, fishy

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye. Thank you very much.