Monday, November 19, 2012

Haiku Monday: Rock Edifice

Haiku Monday is being hosted this week  by Serendipity at her place:  Our theme is "Rock Edifice"
This made me yearn to return to France to revisit my beloved Rocamadour and the 
better known Mont St. Michel. Alas, I cannot write a haiku equal to those amazing locations.
I tried and tried but could not capture  what I know and would share of these great wonders.

Thus, I have retreated to writing haikus about our own regional rocks. If you have never visited
Ceasars Head State Park, Sliding Rock or Chimney Rock they are all delightful adventures. The
other great thing is they are close enough you could visit all three from a single, central location.

Chimney Rock victor?
Nope; took  the elevator.
Spectacular views!

Summer tradition.
 Sliding Rock family day.
Road rash memories

Mountain Laurel crown
Caesars Head welcomes all fools.
Treachery abounds.

Third finger left hand
Diamond rock, emerald bands
Man love edifice


Karl said...

Good evening Fishy,

I don't know about yearning to visit France. Your haiku tickled my funny bone. Particularly the second one.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Blowfish and your dear, Mermaid.

fishy said...

Glad to meet your funny bone.
The Sliding Rock reality is this...visitors are warned to wear old clothes and long pants to prevent the loss of flesh from friction. The rock is cascaded with water but it is a big slab of natural granite so can, and does, eat the flesh of the unprotected.

Blessings on your family holiday too.

Anonymous said...

Sliding Rock looks like the place for those old time bathing costumes once worn by my grandmother's generation!

Have a great holiday.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, nice green rocks! Sliding Rock reminds me of a visit to Indian Springs somewhere in GA when I was a kid. Not as steep but oh, so slippery!

Nice job,


Buzz Kill said...

Rocks like the first 3 are completely foreign to a South Jersey flat-lander like me. We just do waterparks.

Now the 4th one, that is very familiar territory - for The Mrs. She has all manner "Man love edifice".

Rebecca said...

love the one about rock sliding I remember doing that as a kid and of course the road rash that followed

Aunty Belle said...

*yore* Rocamadour?

Hope youse plannin' to share it wif' us'uns. Would have liked readin' Rocamadour haiku.

Mercy, them emeralds took mah breath.

fishy said...

some of those old bathing costumes were wool! Can you imagine how that must have felt?

I bet there are plenty of sliding rocks around the planet, all of em fun too!

The Mrs. likes rocks? Nice of you to indulge her interests.

The great thing about tubing or sliding in the mountains is you do not have to be a kid to participate.

I for sure left a chuck of my heart on Amadours rock. sigh. I tried to write haikus about both Rocamadour and Mont St. Michel but never did come up with something worthy of submission. This is so strange, and frustrating, because usually they just pop right into my head.

moi said...

Great haikus! Next to diamonds, I do believe emeralds are a girl's best friend :o)

moi said...

BTW, next Haiku Monday theme is up at my blob.