Thursday, November 8, 2012

Winners All

Hello Haikuers!
My thanks to you all for playing this very fun visual game this week.
My apologies for the delay in announcements ... but I loved my trip to Savannah with Mermaid!

Here are my top choices:

Moi's cover selection and haiku:

Summer's beauty shed
a pointillist scrim subdues
Even high noon's light

(So well done it made Boxer experience a little swoon.)
I found the concept stellar, the use of "scrim" to define the leaf canopy effect on light ....brilliant.
Mostly I  responded to the beauty of this written testament to her love of nature.

A  Serendipity cover choice  and haiku:

Hurricane season
New York's daily calm bubble
Shattered by Sandy

I really liked the play of the image and the haiku.
Haven't we all played God?  Shaking up a protected world  thereby changing everything within?
In a snow globe the vision magically returns to it's full splendor once the shaken settles. The vision is unchanged.  Not so much for our encapsulated hopes against hope. I am very shaken these days on many fronts.   Are we shattered as a Nation? We just proved that.

Buzz had time to play this week with this combo:

M_aps, GPS...d'oh
A look up will save a life or,
Down river you go

I had to LOL at his manipulation to spell MAD vertically.
Mostly I liked this one because it is so true to the Buzz I meet on the blogs.
The Scout leader who teaches the realities of the " be prepared!" mantra.
The engineer who has a tongue in cheek view of the mishaps  mankind creates,
( Can I take 9th avenue to the Sea of Galilee?)
The dedicated man who on occasion gets to kick back, down a brew and laugh MADly at the world.

Czar's first offering:

Smoldering island's
Ashen past; dreams wintering
Carribean style

I love the illustrators concept for this cover. It tells a story.
I love the haiku because it  tells the same story.
I love the relationship between the haiku and the cover.
I fear the message of this reality too as I feel our  "dreams wintering"  American style.

Congratulations  and thanks to all the players.
But as Chickory pointed out last week the backside of hosting is the judging.
Czar is our winner.


Rebecca said...

brilliant work and great choices. have to say hard to be you but you did well in your choice. Congrats Czar

czar said...

I'm stunned. Fishy, that was perhaps the most creative prompt to date -- and you know I'm not a visuals guy. You're right: a week of winners.

Watch my blog for announcement on next week's theme. I'll figure it out by Friday night.


chickory said...

congratulations Czar, well done. so you DID find your cover after all. Im glad. Thanks for hosting fishy, glad you had a good mini trip with your mermaid.

Fleurdeleo said...

Spectacular theme and entries. Just wonderful all, and Miss Fishy. Thank you.

Told ya so, Csar!

Buzz Kill said...

Thanks Fishy and congrats to Czar. You were being overly generous with your comments on my smart-ass haiku. But I'll take what I can get.

Aunty Belle said...

Woo hoo!! to Czar. Neatly constructed.

Thanks Fishy fer yore fun twist on the format.

moi said...

Congrats to Czar for a well-deserved win! His turns of phrase are always brilliantly done. Thanks for hosting and for a unique and inspirational topic, Fishy!

Anonymous said...

What a great topic, Fishy. Thanks for the honorable mention. Quite a coup from Ms. Fishy. Congrats to Czar. What Moi says on turns of phrase.

Gotta go see what Czar has thrown down for us.

(Sorry for slow response, I was out doing something Ms. Fishy would not have enjoyed - pursuing elk in the dense frozen fog and snow. I did find a perfect cow for the freezer, so meat is secured for the winter.)

BlazngScarlet said...

So many fine choices this week!
(I may not have played, but I visited and read)
Fishy, you did a fine job of hosting and on the choice of subject material!