Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Haiku Monday: Resist!

This week our Haiku Monday game is being hosted by Moi over in her land of Eden for dogs.
The subject of "resist" was apparently sparked by recent holiday  travel experiences with first hand witnessing of TSA absurdities. She was wondering what incites resistance in you? Are we all succumbing to the herd mentality? Is there nothing which will make us stand up and say,
 " No !"
If there is, write a haiku over on her comments page, the rules of the game are posted there.

TSA abuse
These are not bombs. These are breasts!
Profilers by flesh

this is outrageous

Really? Public groping of Nuns?!?!?!?!

teach our little girls to let adults touch their personals?

Yeah. We all feel safer now.


chickory said...

I never just stand there. Im talking to the minion the whole time. "you know you work for the dark side, right"?

fishy said...

Are you having a birthday? Moi thinks you are so happy year to you!

I also talk to the TSA maulers saying I certainly hope at staff meetings the women inspectors would have the decency to stand up and speak up for all women. One told me it was "for my own good" like she was telling a two year old to eat her spinach. I asked her how many boobs she had mauled and how many bombs had she found in the process? zero.

moi said...

Chick Chick, I love that you give them hell. I bet they just suffer in silence, though, right?

I cannot abide being touched by strangers. I would most likely slap someone and then where would I be? Making phone calls to every lawyer I know. So I have to submit to scanning. But when I put my hands above my head? I flip the bird with both.

Aunty Belle said...

moi then close yore eyes, Sweet Pea, doan let'em git a retina scan whiule they's at it.
Funny, Fishy..but not really.

Anonymous said...

Oh. yeah, I feel soooo much safer knowing no one, including me, can slip a kleenex still in a pocket past the TSA before I fgo thrugh a scanner. (First experience this summer.) Sigh. I have to fly to see my very elderly parents - Mr. S can't take the drive for the extra 3 days each way it takes. Back problems. And I don't have the time off work. But I get rabid each and every time.


moi said...

Thanks for the tip, Aunty. Didn't think about that.

Aunty Belle said...

Fishy--somethin' funny on Ether Capacious