Friday, October 28, 2011

Haiku Monday: Joy


Is your calendar choc full of things you want to do but can't fit them all in?  Last night was our downtown annual Fall Chili Cook-Off from 12 of our best restaurants.   Last weekend was the Harvest Festival, WelcomeBack to the Farm Days with hayrides , corn mazes and  veggies  to explore. Every mountain community is having apple festivals with folks proudly bringing their best pies, jams, jellies, butters and applewood smoked Q.

   This weekend our most skilled surgeons are carving pumpkins while children chase piglets. There are pumpkin patches and pumpkin games and pumpkin festivals of every description!

There are invitations on the tray to bring your chairs and a favorite brew to hang out and tell a tale or two around a bonfire.  There is a spooktacular on offer at the local multi-plex and prizes for movie character look alikes. There are many opportunities to revisit  youthful escapades by once again "dressing up" as your wannabe self. The stodgy-est CPA always comes as a rock star doesn't he? There is an entire page in the papers for things for children to do this festive weekend. In Mermaid's neighborhood, they put costumes on the horses and ride from house to house collecting horse treats then later, once the horses are all home, the humans gather for chili, story telling, bonfire and booze.... I'm invited and I am going!!!!!

The weekend traffic counts are up on all the vista roads. Folks  just  plain yearn to be in the midst of all the Autumnal splendor. To experience this annual miracle in a way that triggers deep breathing , splitting  smiles and the comfort of feeling all right with the world.  

                                                Joy is in the air and being shared!

Haiku Monday is the perfect location for  sharing so this week our theme is:  joy
 The Rules:
Each participant may enter 3 haiku for judging.
Visuals are welcome and will be a contributing factor in case of ties.
Classic haiku format : 5-7-5, kigo and kireji are required. 
The actual word "joy" does NOT have to be in your haiku but,
the emotion should be present.
Entries will be accepted until midnight  on All Hallows Eve (PST)
Winner(s) will be announced by Noon on All Saints Day (PST)

To those of you  who are new to visiting here at the Pond, please be advised Blowfish ,
will most assuredly participate in the judging.  We will make the rounds to your individual blogs  to see the visuals but please post all your entries here.

                                                Good Luck Everyone!


Jenny said...

I'm in. :-)

Anonymous said...

Master Basho's Most Famous Poem

Furu ike ya
kawazu tobikomu
mizu no oto

Allen Ginsburg's Translation

The old pond.
A frog jumps in,

Troll's Entry

An ancient pond's song.
Jeremiah the Bullfrog.
8-track memory.

Let me know if my expansive interpretation of Kigo is unacceptable to the judges so I can enter something different if I'm alive on Monday.

To me, 8-track represents a season-of-life, season-of-music, sort of Kigo.

Note that there doesn't seem to be a direct "winter-spring-summer-fall" sort of Kigo in the Romanized Japanese version of Basho's classic. And there certainly isn't one in Ginsburg's translation.

czar said...

So, the haiku must not just reflect the word "joy" and whatever that might bring up, but must have the emotion of joy?

Just want to clarify.

fishy said...


Well ... I think I did know some boys who were in season when Jeremiah was on the 8 tracks. Plenty of nature in yours Troll, both implied and direct.

Good point.
The actual word "joy" is not required although you are welcome to use it if you so choose.
What I meant to convey is the "joy" within the haiku must be discerned by the judges.

moi said...

Awesome. One of my favorite words.

Aunty Belle said...

OH how I'se a wishin' I could come to some of them fun days youse described--oh mah goodness.

I luv Fall the mostest.

I'se lookin' forward to this week's round.

Aunty Belle said...

@ Troll
uh, DUH! Ok, I'se s l o w, but now I'se got it--hilarious --Basho's frog, Jeremiah's Bullfrog of JOY. ahahaah!

very clevah.

An' I thought ya meant Screaming with Joy, the bio of Ginsburg--but no foolin' Ginsburg really did translate Basho--who knew??

fishy said...

I'd be happy to share the local activities with you. Splash on over! I'll even make you one of them giant pumpkin burgers.

Er .... I reckon I had a different take on the Troll's haiku know "joy to the FISHES in the deep blue sea and joy to you and me"

Oh Goody!
I'll look forward to your entries.

Sharon Rudd said...

Love these photos, Fishy, and congrats on your win!. I know the gang will have a rollicking good time with your Haiku Monday theme! Will see if I can come up with a contribution, but you know I have trouble boiling things down to the 5-7-5. If you need some sustenance during your judging, stop by my place Monday and check out my Culinary Smackdown entry. At least I can cook, even if I’m left in the dust by kigo and kireji :)

Enjoy your weekend festivities!

Anonymous said...

Fishy and Aunty,

You're both right. I try to construct haiku with multiple layers within the two separate thoughts. Thus encouraging the intelligent reader to interpolate and extrapolate.

darkfoam said...

I have a bushel of our local apples right now. We have a lot of orchards around here too. Sounds like a fun time last week with the harvest festival and chili cook off. I bet the leaves were beautiful.
I'll see what I can do with the haiku. I am intermittent participant. Sometimes inspiration just does not strike. I do like the theme.

Princess said...

Oh joy! Oh rapture! I'm in....

fishy said...

Your food write ups ARE poetry,
haiku is just briefer. What, I ask you, is more connected to nature than food????? Looking forward to the smacked squash!

Clever and smart! Two of my favorite traits when looking for a role model troll.

What will you do with all those apples? Apple beer? I am trying a recipe for incorporating fresh apples in a classic oatmeal cookie recipe. Hopefully this experiment will result in a mouthful of joy :-) Our leaves are beautiful ... I had to bring some of that splendor inside so now there is a huge Autumn spray in the Keep.

Wonderful! Yours are often quite clever without being too adult.

Aunty Belle said...

Fishy, since youse focused on JOY, I'se givin' ya heads-up to avoid ETHER CAPACIOUS fer a few Days--FRANKENSTEIN is makin' his appearance.

Pam said...

Hi Fishy! Thanks for coming to snark, there was so much to snark about. I totally want to go with you and mermaid to the horse-halloween. Please please please tell me that you will be taking and posting pics! I love that idea so much I can't stand it. Will work on getting Babygirl to do a haiku this week. Some little someone is organizing her days for her and she doesn't have enough hours in the day lately!

Pam said...

And P.S., can I just say that I am already voting for Troll's joy haiku.

Anonymous said...


moi said...

Here ya go:

Nose to wrist inhales
spring’s symphonic scent. My skin
blossoms, Eau de Joy.

Jenny said...

In in with:

Sublime solitude
a salve to a tired soul
alone not lonely

Karl said...

Good evening Fishy,

Such a broad palette.
From an eagle's sunrise call,
to a lover's breath.

@Troll: 8-track and the Quadra jet, if that doesn't set a season of life nothing will.

Anonymous said...

Though colored leaves persist in some places, winter has settled a light cloak upon the high elevations here in the northern latitudes.

Winter’s Sparkling Breath:

A frigid wind blows
Swirling snow-devils aloft.
My soul soars along.

Anonymous said...

Up with visuals.


I think we replaced with the Quadrajet with an Edelbrock. The car slept with the fishes prior to our buying it at auction.

pamokc said...

Joy is a grandboy.
New life passes on our genes,
but he's his own man.

Fleurdeleo said...

Ancient torture tools:
razors, pointed sticks, hot wax.
Summer pedicure!

chickory said...

okay good. until midnight. *whew* see ya later.

Pam said...

Abundant feelings;
make a joyful noise and tell
them that you love them

Rafael said...


Here's my one...

Death Defying:

Crabby in my pants
Ditch the shell that holds me here
Weightless, I fly FREE!!

I have visuals at

Happy Halloween!!!


Blowfish said...

Happy Halloween to all,
we have some fine entries, keep 'em coming.

Garagejockey4 said...

Nine in D minor
Melody 125
Triumphant ending!

Anonymous said...


Orange winter moonset,
Dark birds fly across moonface;
Click, perfect photo.

czar said...

Books of and by

Cooking. Sex . . . Surprised?
Coincidence forecasting
Joy’s fast-fading fall.

Not posting a visual, but the haiku refers to three books that include Joy in the title and the life of C.S. Lewis, among a number of other items, intentional and otherwise.

chickory said...

mounds is okay, but
sometimes you feel like a nut
better with almonds

czar said...


The pits of despair
Lead to freedom's spirit song:
Spring awakening.


darkfoam said...

My sons bring me joy.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday .... Wait!
They just ate my sweets!! >:|

I have no visuals, however.

darkfoam said...

Apple beer? LOL .. I ought to look for a recipe. Nope .. apple butter .. :)

czar said...

World Series

Boys of summer play
Fall Classic; victory thrills.
On-deck? Hot-stove league.

Fleurdeleo said...

PS I have a visual.

Sharon Rudd said...

Great entries, and what a turnout! Sorry I didn't come up with a haiku. I just managed to get lone Squash Smackdown entry up :)

Joyous Haiku Monday to all, and good luck with the judging, Fishy and Blowfish.

Aunty Belle said...
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Aunty Belle said...

Grrr! Blogger is rearrangin' my verse! the second line ends wif' the word "you"

Real Presence

Your letters rustled
like leaves, treasured; until you stood there in the flesh.

Aunty Belle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aunty Belle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aunty Belle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aunty Belle said...

arrghhhh! Them deletes is me, Fishy--jes' tryin' to make blogger take the verse as written--it won't.
please know I wrote it so that the second line ends wif' "you"
an' third line is
"Stood there in the flesh"

Real Presence

Your letters rustled
like leaves, treasured; until you stood there in the flesh.

Aunty Belle said...

Happy Haiku Monday Fishy! Tonight we had a visitor who lurks at Aunty's Front Porch.

"What'cha gonna send in for Haiku Monday, Aunty?"

Aunty: "Reckon not much--I'se too busy dishin' out dental destruction to the kiddies."

Visitor: "Well, if I had a blog I might try my hand this week."

Aunty: "Then sit on down thar' at the computer an' we'll pull up the Haiku hostess an ya can add yore verse. What shall we call ya'?"

Visitor: "you mean like a handle?"

Aunty: "yessiree."

Visitor: "Well, just name me garagejockey4"

Aunty, "OK, but I 'se expectin' a discount on mah buggy repairs."

anyhoo--jes' a note about the new player ya see above.

Finally the evening wore down, I shut the door an thar's a whisper of time afore the Haiku closes--so

Here is Aunty's own offered three --on same joyful event.

The Long Wait

New moon peers in your
window, bare as the trees. At
last-- The doorbell chimes!


Beyond the screen door
squirrels gather nuts while I
hold you once again.

Real Presence

Your letters rustled
like leaves, treasured; until you stood there in the flesh.

Aunty Belle said...


Princess said...

sorry fishy but i have run out of time this week. Deadlines for costumes are looming and I'm up to my ears in tulle petticoats and x5 satin 50's style dresses to complete for final fittings on Friday.

I still have 13 fish shaped hats to make as well... So i'm pretty much flat out.... But full of joy in the making!

good luck to everyone else with their entries this week. i'll be playing again when things settle down again

darkfoam said...

Oh, I do have a visual after all, but I posted that past deadline.

Fleurdeleo said...

Aunty Belle, "Real Presence" is lovely!

Aunty Belle said...


thanky! I do appreciate the nod. 'Specially from one who consistently offers us'uns thoughtful, masterful Haiku.