Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Soltice

Blessings on your first day of Summer.  

Mermaid is coming home today.
We will take the boat out to the Big Water where we will picnic, 
swim with our pups and,
enjoy the gifts of the day.   

Oh Joy!


Jenny said...

oh joy! is right. Happy Solstice!

Anonymous said...

very nice, Fish. Im thrilled for ya'll. enjoy and watch out for the Gars


Sharon Rudd said...

Hope you're enjoying your Solstice with Mermaid!

Our first day of summer would have been more pleasant if it hadn't gone black as night in the middle of the day when another round of thunderstorms came through. It is one thing when you work in downtown Cincinnati and can't see Kentucky, which is just across the river. it is another when you can barely see the office building across the street. Thankfully storms have subsided now.

Enjoy your summer!

fishy said...

Joy indeed. Beautiful, beautiful family day.

Thank you! No gars but Mallards came to examine Mermaid when she dared to swim in their waters. Our dog Will was all a quiver.

I've experienced storms in those parts and they can frighten the whey out of you. Our day was beautiful blue skies, calm waters,
picture clouds and a yummy picnic.

Last night we caught a bit of that huge storm coming down from the mountains and it was fierce! Like the cartoons of the myth gods throwing lighting bolts through the heavens. I was very glad the storm did not disrupt our family outing and very glad for the rain in our drought parched region.

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