Sunday, June 26, 2011

Haiku Monday: Short


Southern style short ribs
pan seared in bacon drippin's
braised in  home brew'd ale 

 Easy Rider:

Riding the short bus
to Sesame Street at Main
is simple exclaimed .


Contestants enter
hoping to make the short list
for organ transplants


Sharon Rudd said...

Great entries, Fishy! You know me - I have to go with #1 :) Happy Haiku Monday!

moi said...

Is it wrong that I now want short ribs at 8 o'clock in the morning? Although, Easy Rider made me laugh really hard.

fishy said...

There is something so right about consistency in a foodie's focus.
A calling is a calling.
Happy Monday!

Y'all don't eat ribs for breakfast out there in the desert lands?

Easy Rider is by far the best offering this week. So much so I almost didn't post the other two.
I knew you would get the whole message and that my friend, tickles me plenty.

chickory said...

i think you should have photoshopped in the short bus some of obamas cabinet. everybody at the Fed, and a bunch of media hos, and and and

*coughing fit*

Aunty Belle said...

I will say:

Haiku recipes is nifty!